How to make your eyes brighter

How to make your eyes brighter
 Bright and expressive eyes attract attention. If you have them attractive by nature, emphasize them with makeup, do look attractive, fascinating and maddening the opposite sex.
 If your eyes look tired, use soothing drops. They shine and be ready to make up.

To make the eyes more bright, first correct minor imperfections around them with liquid corrector. Spread it massage movements, apply to face concealer and powder the face slightly crumbly transparent powder.

In the make-up without shadows can not do. Pick their eye color. If you can not immediately determine what color you are more shadows, get a set of different colors and experiment. In the evening make-up is appropriate to use the flickering shadows, but in order to emphasize the depth of view, suitable smoky shadows.

Apply a dark gray or chocolate shade on the upper eyelid along the lash line as eyeliner. They are also used for the lower eyelid.

Shadow over the pencil, draw a line underwater smoky-gray or dark brown to give the look more expressive.

Blend contour of the upper eyelid with an applicator. Take a brightly colored shadows that you are, for example, gold, if you have olive skin, or purple that suits her pale face. Put them in the middle upper eyelid. Flickering shadows add radiance inner corner of the eye, and light beige highlight the area under the eyebrows.

Give a neat shape eyebrows special brush, pre sprinkle with hairspray. Eyebrow pencil emphasize their shape, the shade should be as similar to the natural hair color.

Concluding eye makeup, apply mascara from the base of the eyelashes over their entire length. Depending on the desired effect, take lengthening, bulk ink or with the effect of false eyelashes.

Due to this make-up, your eyes become brighter, better mood, and the evening will take place delightful.

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