How to lipstick

How to lipstick
 Most women daily lipstick. If you belong to one of them, then have you ever think about how well you are performing a lip makeup? It is surprising, but the ability to use lipstick sometimes learn harder than eye makeup. After all, you need to take into account a number of factors: the color of lipstick, the thickness of the leads, the natural shape of the lips and even facial features.
 Lip Makeup should include the following steps:

1. Moisturize

The first step is to moisturize lips with a special lipstick or balm. This will protect the delicate skin of the lips from such troubles as drying and obvetrivanie. Then you should apply to the lips thin layer of powder, which will give lipstick stability.

2. Outline

Contour stroke, you must first make the upper lip, and then - on the bottom. Pencil desirable little feather brush or cotton swab, then to not be noticeable border between the contour and lipstick.

3. Lipstick

Lipstick should be applied with a brush. When applied, it is desirable to capture a bit of the inner surface of the lips to the mucous membrane is not too contrasted with the lips. After applying lipstick need to wet the lips normal tissue paper, and then a little powder them and then embellish lipstick. So it will last longer.

To achieve the desired effect with makeup lips, it would be useful to learn these simple rules:

- Smuglokozhih women better to choose a lipstick dark and saturated colors (for example, plum or wine), and light-skinned - lipstick bright colors (eg, caramel).

- To lips look more bright, you can apply an additional layer of gloss or lipstick.

- To produce the plump and sensuous lips need to put in the middle of the upper lip flare, and on the lower lip to make two such flare. To create these reflections used luster lipstick or bright colors.

- It is not worth full lips emphasize the outline with a pencil. In addition, the corners of the lips do not need to paint lipstick.

- Wide mouth is better to paint lipstick dark shades visually reduce the amount of your mouth.

- Visually attempting to increase or decrease via lip pencil stroke, one can not leave their natural contour of more than 2 mm. Otherwise lip makeup will look unnatural.

- Owners round faces and wide nose can be a little to smooth these outstanding features, if the make-up of the upper lip more intensively than the bottom.

- Elongated lips can give roundness, if richer and brighter paint over his lower lip.

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