How to apply makeup

How to apply makeup
 Properly apply makeup - an art. But it can be learned. Great value in this is the practice. Only with it you will understand how different from each other funds with different structures, what color you are. So do not be afraid to try.
 Properly equip a place where you're applying makeup. You will need a large mirror and a good light. The mirror should be no distortion and big enough so you can see your whole face. But the light should be soft and muted. In addition, it should not give the shadow on his face. Nearby are all that useful to you directly for applying makeup. It is the very cosmetics, brushes, towels, cotton pads and sticks.

Before applying makeup, thoroughly clean the skin. Be sure to apply a moisturizer. It will help protect your skin from the negative effects of cosmetics.

The first stage of applying makeup - this alignment complexion. To get started, use the base under makeup. Many quite undeservedly bypass it to their attention, and for good reason. Some funds will help smooth the surface of the skin, the other containing light-reflecting particles give the face a nice glow. There are also colored base with which professional makeup artists various color camouflage skin imperfections. And, of course, make a properly selected base will stay much longer.

Align complexion will help foundation or powder. The cream is applied or a sponge or fingers. A powder only sponge. It is important to carefully shade border application of tone. This is the area of ​​hair growth, the area around the ears and the transition to the neck. Small imperfections such as pimples, redness, flasks mask using the corrector. If pimples should be selected equalizer with a dense texture, then black eye will only fit a very light texture that will not clog in fine wrinkles. All this is necessary to fix friable powder. Rounding face makeup blush. They should be applied to the protruding part of the cheeks - "Apples" towards the temples.

Eye makeup can begin with the application of shadow or eyeliner. If the line of eyeliner should be feathered, it should be applied first. Eyes can be supplied with a pencil, liquid eyeliner or shadow. But liquid eyeliner requires some skill to use and may not be entirely suitable for everyday use.

Eye shadow applied as dry and wet applicator. In the latter case, the color turns a brighter and more saturated. The same effect can be achieved by using a cream shade. And do not forget the mascara. For daytime makeup mascara fit with natural effect in one coat. But for the evening is better to choose increases the amount of mascara and apply it in several layers.

Lipstick or lip gloss applied last. If the focus is on the lips, it is appropriate to use a bright lipstick. To make lips look nice at the same time, use a pencil to outline the lips. By the tone of it must match the lipstick.

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