Eye shadow

 Matte shadow has long been a "Tales of olden times", giving its position a luminous metallic shades.

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Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, who worked on the make-up models during all the major hits of spring collections, and used them in their work with great pleasure. More refined than the shadow with glitter, but less stringent than matte shade metallic shades give your eyes "clarity, purity and radiance, but they do not look too provocative or vulgar," says McGrath.

Options for the use of such shadow big set - that's really really is where carousing fancy. "I would advise to safely use metallic shades for evening makeup, and for day - to make only small accents, - said the chief makeup artist M.A.S Valery Filippov. - Move the eyes with black pencil and good Shade it and then "Kick some" metallic color with an applicator or brush M.A.S. " Achieve a fashionable effect "wet" look can be using cream shadows and pigment with a metallic luster, which are applied to the mobile eyelid. "If you want to make eye open and clean, Mark inner corners of the eyes with a damp brush, dipped it in the pre-gold powder" - suggests McGrath.

And to your makeup always look nice, take note of a little trick: Apply metallic shadows brush and finger. Then they are distributed evenly and not crumble on the face or clothes.

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