Color base for make-up: how to use it

Color base for make-up: how to use it
 The main function of the base under make-up - and smoothing the skin surface. Masking of all shortcomings (acne, age spots, freckles, etc.) Allows you to do make-up perfect. Coloured base corrects skin tone depending on the natural color.
 Base for make-up allows you to change the whole complexion - visually rejuvenate the skin, giving it a glow, transparency, hide some areas, stands out skin tone, etc. Each color fulfills its function - hides, masks, levels, makes shine, etc.

Reflective base for make-up applied to the skin with no visible defects, as masking capabilities does not have, but only gives the face a radiant effect. Yellow spots on the face (after the Sun, disease, bruises, etc.) will help to hide blue, lilac and purple base that neutralize yellowness and evens the complexion. If under the eyes lay bluish shade, the yellow base remedy the situation and scored these areas with a total complexion. If the skin is greyish (after a sleepless night of hard work), then correct this deficiency pink base under makeup.

The red color of the skin after a bad sunburn, Spider veins or traces of acne paint a green base. When the skin is one shade and not want to mask some areas, the beige base for make-up will play the role of the main tone means - give uniformity of the skin. With white base makeup should be handled with care - it can help to lighten some areas and refresh the whole face, but must take into account the rules applying makeup and natural skin tone to white spots were not allocated.

Apply color base for make-up should be only after cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Oily skin can be immediately covered with a layer base, since it already contains nutrients, and an extra layer of day cream clog pores.

The disadvantage of base makeup is considered impossible to disguise large skin defects - this can only be achieved by applying an additional corrector or concealer. Together with the tonal resources, powder and day cream color base on the skin creates a tight decorative layer, which prevents it from "breathing", especially in the heat. The abundance of moisturizing ingredients can cause frostbite of the skin with prolonged exposure to the outdoors in the cold. Therefore, do not use a colored base on a daily basis - use it as a means of emergency in specific cases.

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