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 Eyelash in the range of services provided by beauty salons, there was not so long ago, but has already become popular. In fact, lashes - it is not only beautiful, but also practical: no need to buy ink, spend time on the imposition and removal, and the paint will not flow if you swim in the sea or get exposed to rain. JustLady considering all the details of creating a thick, long, and most importantly, indistinguishable from your own lashes.  

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How fair eyelashes advertising beauties - long, thick, fluffy! Stunning effect - but it is not achieved by the use of the advertised mascara, and by means of a completely different procedure.

What is eyelash?

If eyelash - the procedure until quite exotic, then gluing eyelashes, false eyelashes when using a special glue stick simply among their own, many are familiar firsthand. And so,eyelash technology, in principle, very similar to the gluing eyelashes. The only difference is that the stackable eyelash glued or audio, or small bundles, and not as overhead - all at once.

Eyelash involves passing certain stages. First, the master will remove from your makeup using a special tool, degreasing eyelid skin, then you decide the color and length stackable eyelashes, and then start the procedure of building.

Building process is very simple and boils down to the master with the help of special forceps with curved ends attached to the base of your eyelashes false eyelashes. The word "artificial" does not mean the use of appropriate materials - such eyelashes are very often made of natural hair.
It eyelashes natural hair is better to give preference to reduce the risk of allergic reactions that often cause nylon fibers contained in the eyelashes on the basis of artificial hair.

When building procedure using special resin based adhesive, which may be colorless or black. Black adhesive can replace eyeliner and colorless makes an inconspicuous area of ​​adhesions, so what better to choose, up to you.

Contraindications to Eyelash

Several recommendations, who still should refrain from eyelash. First of all, those who can be an allergic reaction to the adhesive used in the building (though it is tested). Since you still want to try, it is worth to stick only two or three lashes to test the reaction.
It is also undesirable eyelash those who have such a thing as conjunctivitis, often makes itself felt.

There are certain categories of the beautiful half of society, for which the eyelash if and helps beautify the eyes, very long. These are the women whose lashes already weak and stand still and the more extensions can not.

Unfortunately, the owner of oily skin, especially on the eyelids also not be able to use this technology, they have extended eyelashes will hold even smaller than the rest.

Technology eyelash

There are two technologies eyelash - A traditional Japanese building beams and eyelash.

Attraditional build-up to the base of your lashes are attached artificial eyelashes collected in small bundles of 3-5 pieces. Beams, depending on your wishes can be completely different in length and density; perhaps even eyelashes with rhinestones. But to keep the resulting effect in two weeks will have to return to a beauty salon to correct fallen eyelash extensions.

AtJapanese building artificial eyelash mounted on the base beams are not your eyelashes and separately to each other. Japanese traditional building is much more durable: extended eyelashes hold up to 3 months, and despite the fact that the correction should be performed approximately once a month.

A significant difference is obtained from the fact that, together with the native cilium falls and accrued beam (the traditional building) or one eyelash extensions (for the Japanese method). Naturally, the loss of eyelashes immediately beam becomes more noticeable as the need for more frequent correction.

What kind of technology to choose?

It all depends on the purpose for which you build lashes. For everyday life when you need just a little increase thickness and length of your own lashes, it is enough just a few eyelash extensions - in this case, the ideal Japanese technology capacity.
And for special occasions, be it a wedding, anniversary or social events, it is appropriate to stick lashes bulky beams.

If you are using and the one and the other technology stackable eyelashes can be very different in color from the traditional black and brown to exotic silver, azure or chocolate. Funny effect is obtained by gluing the individual artificial eyelashes bright shades of caramel.

How to choose the length of the stackable eyelashes?

As a rule, to build combined eyelashes of different lengths. Short and medium designed for the middle part of the century, where they look the most natural.

Long eyelashes are glued to the outer corners of the eyes, - thanks to the lashes look at the special depth there, but their number is best not to overdo it, of course, if you do not seek special "puppet" effect. Those who want to get used to the image of a little girl standing stick eyelashes on the upper and on the lower eyelid, - so simple techniques achieved childish innocence sight.

How to care for extended eyelashes?

On average, the life of eyelash extensions is 2-3 weeks - it is for such period are replaced by your own lashes. Loss of eyelash extensions occurs naturally and quietly: had the "native" cilium and then drew away the accrued.

Usually, those who constantly makes eyelash recommend about a week and a half to make a correction - it is cheaper than if the first wait for Fly over all extended eyelashes and then go to the salon.

Caring for extended eyelashes comes to observing a few simple rules. So, if you eyelashes, you can not rub your eyes and go to sleep, buried in the pillow. Do not use ink, - besides the fact that the extended eyelashes and so expressive, by washing carcasses are easy to peel, especially if as a make-up remover milk fat cream is used, capable of dissolving the glue.

Of course, that will also need to wash gently, avoiding sudden movements. In addition, significantly reduce the life of eyelash extensions can visit baths or saunas, as well as daily use contact lenses.

If suddenly you want to remove the extended eyelashes, it is very easy to do yourself - it is just for the night to put them on line gluing vegetable oil.

Some may wonder: would not it be too evident artificial origin eyelash extensions? No, if you observe a measure. Clearly the desire to make the lashes as possible thicker and longer, but it is as a result leads to unnatural.

Golden mean, if you choose traditional technology eyelash will be the average length of the beam 2-3 from the outside corner of the eye - then anyone and would never think about is fully "own" your lashes.

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