Vitamins under the skin

 Nails break the next day after a visit to the salon, skin flakes, cracked lips, complexion pale gray, depressed mood. Familiar symptoms? All this spring beriberi, which, according to the Institute of Nutrition, affects more than 90% of the population of our country.

It's no secret that in this difficult off-season body needs vitamins, and for all different: for nervous - A, B, C and E; Smoking - C; for taking hormonal drugs - B12, PP and C.

All of this - well-known fact. But few people know that vitamins are able to penetrate into the body not only through the stomach, but also through the skin, and more precisely in the upper layers of the skin to heal the effects of vitamin deficiency and improving the appearance.

If the facial skin in the spring start to peel off or cover inflammation, buy vitamins A and E in gelatin capsules, crush the capsule, put the contents on your face and make a gentle massage. By the way, the same vitamin cocktail useful pamper and nails.

And remember that your mental and physical condition should be in harmony. So try to worry less, listen more relaxing music, take vitamins, and try to walk every evening before going to bed.

Author: Alice Boytsova

Tags: skin vitamin