The sun - friend or foe?

 On the dangers of the sun conversations are long. Under the action of ultraviolet rays arise two dozen diseases, including melanoma, cataracts and photokeratitis. Furthermore, sunbathing overdose cosmetic problems arise, for example, spots, skin peel and early wrinkles. Collateral damage from the sun can be called consequences of the use of low-quality tanning that cause allergies and harm the skin, circulatory system and the digestive tract.  

At the same time, the sun is vitally necessary. The same UV rays help to find a nice flattanInitiate the production of vitamin D and the "hormone of light" - melatonin. All this has beneficial effects on our physical and mental health: treats many skin diseases, improves the condition of hair, nails, teeth and bones, improves mood, gives cheerfulness and allows you to feel young, strong and happy. And to reduce the risk to a minimum, you can usesunscreen.

To make friends with the sun, it is necessary to properly sunbathe

Sunlight will not harm health, if you follow some simple rules. In all costs observe moderation - in the first warm days must gradually undress and long, every day increasing the duration sunbathing. Best timeSun before 11:00 and after 16:00. In bright sun should wear safety glasses and hats. In reservoirs sunbathing useful because the air is more humid, and the skin is less dry out. Virtually all recommended for usesuntan.

We are all different, and the sun one!

The sun shines equally to all, but due to different skin typestan falls differently. Depends on hereditary factors, can a person be with the sun on the "you" or "you". To some, this fact may seem disappointing, but, due to the fact that nature has already laid predestination - enough to turn to the beautician, and accurately determine your skin type. In addition, the specialist will give a comprehensive guide to whatsunscreens better to choose and how to use them.

The sun - friend or foe?Sunscreens - before, during or after sunbathing

In the arsenal of every girl and woman is usually asunscreen for faceBut everyone knows that the body and hair, too, must have sunscreen, depending on skin type? Means for care of bodysunscreens for hair and skin, Tanning, as well as lotions and shampoos after sunburn and help get permanently preserve the magnificenttan.

Among the high-quality cosmetics worth mentioning products from Kerastase, L'Oreal Professionnel, GUAM, CHRISTINA, Night & Day, Ole Henriksen and Holy Land. Eachmeans instruction manual, but the rules of roughly the same:
in front of tan you have to prepare the skin - use a scrub and lotion for alignment;
before going out in the sun (10-30 minutes) should be applied sunscreens with UV filters (a first filter SPF days 30 or 40 can then be reduced to SPF of 15, 10 or 8;
while sunbathing, you can use special enhancing effect Sun sprays and lotions;
after sunbathing helpful to take a shower and apply a soothing lotion to the skin rested and tan entrenched.

Solarium and tanning in solarium help prepare for the summer

At the beginning of the warm season many skin seems too pale and dry. But this problem is not difficult to handle if in advance to receive lighttan in the solarium. Just a few sessions and the skin will get a nice shade. And if this usemeans for tanning, The result will manifest faster and last longer.

Warning! Pay attention to product quality

At first glance, recommended by us may seem expensive cosmetics. But do not jump to conclusions. Here are just two facts:
sunscreens from manufacturers last longer because Use sparingly as opposed to cheap kremikov;
known suntan quickly bring the desired result, but on untested inexpensivecreams may appear "spotty"tan, Allergies and even eating disorders, with no return in vain spentmeans and does not compensate for damage to health.

How can I save?

Profitable and safe to buysuntan online stores that offer only proven products from reliable proven producers: CHRISTINA, GUAM, Holy Land, L'Oreal Professionnel, Night & Day, Kerastase, Ole Henriksen.
Due to the specifics of trading on the Internet the product price is significantly lower than in specialized cosmetic stores, where it is necessary to pay for the work of numerous personnel, rent and other expenses. Online store offers fresh produce from the warehouse with a full warranty.

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