Standard of beauty, timeless

 No ugly women! But there is a stereotype that there is absolutely attractive women as attractive - the concept that depends on components such as culture, fashion and ethnicity. Still, scientists have found exactly what attracts women of all men, regardless of age and cultural differences.  


In the Victorian era were relevant narrow, neat lips. Though, had not yet been invented collagen injections. Today plump seductive lips - the standard. Women, especially representatives of Western culture, using a lot of tricks. In many cultures, the center of female attractiveness moved from the ankles to the necks, from the knees to the face makeup and hairstyles change the volume. Pattern of female attractiveness and changed depending on the feminization. If in the 50's Marilyn Monroe was considered canon, but now she could count unless on profitable advertising contract.

It is clear that standards of beauty does not exist - there is no single point of reference, changes everything and change. However, evolutionary psychologists believe that this statement is not quite correct. For them, fashion - this soft cover force that is merciless and unchanging, as old and stable as our genes - the survival instinct and natural selection.

US researchers have identified standards of female beauty, analyzing 345,000 literary works, for the most part written in the period from the XVI to XVIII century. In addition to a large number of British and American literature, were also examined some of the monuments of Indian and Chinese romantic poetry I-VI century AD.

"Waist subconsciously not considered a sexual part of the body" - recognizes Devendra Singh of the University of Texas at Austin, who led the study. - However, in this unanimous we studied hundreds of writers. Among them, there is no consensus about what is beautiful or not large breasts - the main feature of sex appeal now. "

Slim waist can be so popular because Singh said, indicating that women's health and fertility. Health associated with low abdominal fat and high levels of female sex hormones, especially estrogen.

Slim waist may carry valuable information for men about the ability of women to give birth to healthy children, so they subconsciously consider it attractive, says Singh. With a similar theory explains why we subconsciously believe regular features - an indicator of good genes - more beautiful. Obesity is also evidence of reduced estrogen levels and increased susceptibility to disease, so the slender woman, the more attractive it is for men.

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