Soybeans for beauty of your skin

 Natural cosmetics have long been in vogue and is considered the best for our skin. After all, what to give nature, was intended to help care for the beauty. The main criterion for natural cosmetics is the absence of any animal components, the most common of which - the fat. Animal testing history also rejects the status of natural cosmetics in.

Natural cosmetics are, respectively, natural ingredients: oil, minerals, herbal components. All that can be attributed to the chemistry is not covered by our definition.

One of the natural products, whose popularity has increased in recent years, is soy. On its reputation as a food is difficult to say, because there are different opinions. But it is safe to say that the skin of Oriental women is a prime example of the effectiveness of soy products.

The benefits of soy for our skin

Nutrients contained in soy, a lot, but we are interested in the same "elixir of youth", something one can only dream of. But look at the Asian women - even in middle age and later, they remain just as attractive, with a smooth, clean skin, beautiful hair. Is it possible that this was only the prerogative of Chinese women and Japanese women? Or maybe it's just a feature of the people?

However, scientists have a different opinion on this issue. Empirically it has been found that the use of soybeans to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. Additionally, soybeans are often used as a protective agent against solar UF-rays.

Soya excellent antioxidant effect as using the essential fatty acids. This natural product even has the ability to clean the face of all kinds of stains, including freckles, age spots.

"Elixir of youth" - soybean oil

In the cosmetic industry is mainly used soybean oil, and the main biologically active substances, allows you to keep youth and beauty are the isoflavones.

These substances are natural stimulants of collagen, which is known, is the "inside" means the body of wrinkles. And thanks to natural stimulation, the cells are updated much faster.

Furthermore, the properties of isoflavones include protection against solar UV, allowing soybean as a sunscreen.

For the manufacture of plant extracts is used as soybean oil, which is rich in substances such as vitamin E and lecithin. Soybean oil is extracted from soybeans. It is known that vitamin E - is a vitamin youth. Soybean oil smoothes small wrinkles, improves skin turgor, moisturizes and nourishes.

Means for leaving skin and hair with soy

Many cosmetic companies have already begun to produce a series of products based on soybean oil. Due to the high moisturizing properties of such foods help prevent wrinkles, improve complexion, make it more flexible.

Soy is used in the media, and hair care products: shampoos, masks, balms. Soy tools are ideal for any type of hair, give them splendor, heals, restores structure.

Soybeans are ideal tools to clean your face: they are gently but effectively. For this purpose, there are a series of scrubs for the face and body. Cleaning is due to natural surfactants contained in soy.

Soy as a product

It is impossible to cover the topic a bit of soy as a food product. The fact is that in recent times there is much debate about what natural soy not find this genetically modified product. Because of this, many are afraid to use it.

Of course, everyone has to decide for himself. However, as many new posts, there are firms that do not use genetically modified soybeans. According to one of the girls, "but their sauces are quite perishable. But this, I think is not as scary as it ruined health ... ".

If we take for granted that all soy products are natural, their regular consumption can be considered even more effective than the use of soy cosmetics. After all, the benefits from the inside is a strong, long-acting on the entire human body, besides human skin receives only a small part of what we put on it.

I will add that natural products are really good, especially if we want to take care of animals and stop testing cosmetics on them. In addition, this nature, in my opinion, better than any artificial chemicals. Anyone who is not indifferent to nature and makes sure not to litter myself "chemistry", we can recommend to switch to natural remedies.

Maria Tsarev

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