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 Botox injections have become the most popular cosmetic procedure nowadays. JastLady carefully considered the two most well-known method


What is that

The collagen material of animal origin can be of several types. There are so-called "bullish" collagen taken from the skin of cows. The best-known products based on it - Zyderm and Zyplast. Sometimes used collagen taken directly from the patient's skin - autologen sometimes -donorsky, created on its basis medication CosmoDerm (for shallow wrinkles) and CosmoPlast (for deep). Injectable collagen compensates for lost by the skin to age your own protein, filling and smoothing wrinkles. In recent years, collagen is used less often because of the fairly frequent allergic reactions.


To correct any wrinkle and give an additional amount lips.


Needle inserted directly into wrinkles. The patient during the procedure only feels tingling, as previously collagen mixed with anesthetic agents.


After injection, there is a light swelling, but you can go right back to life. Sometimes the injection site appear white spots, which disappear within 1-2 weeks.


"Bull" and collagens donor - is alien to our body proteins, therefore, like any material for transplantation, it is tested for tissue compatibility. In addition, the mandatory check for infection and tests of an allergic reaction.

The Result

Among the means for injecting collagen contouring is the least resistant. The effect lasts for an average of 3-5 months. Displacement lips retained even smaller - from several weeks to 3-4 months. COST $ 200-500, depending on the extensiveness of the correction area and the type of preparation.

What? Where? When?

Questions answered MD,plastic surgeon Andrey Ross.

Where you can do cosmetic injections?

Only in clinics - there are experienced doctors, not just beauticians in beauty salons. After all, the risk of complications directly depends on the skill of the doctor. Are there any contraindications to such procedures? They are not recommended for pregnant women, as well as with certain diseases, such as skin infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer, the presence of irritation at the site of the proposed injection. I advise you to discuss this issue with your doctor.

What determines the length of the result?

The type of preparation, speed up your metabolism and from places where injections. For example, very small lips and adipose tissue and the drug dissolves more rapidly than in other parts of the face.

At what age can you start doing cosmetic injections?

When it comes to the correction of wrinkles, then you need to wait until they arrive. Mimic worth doing after 25 years, stable - after 30. With regard to changes in the shape of the lips, the procedure can be performed at any time, the main thing - to be an adult. There are exceptions. For example, Botox is sometimes used in neurology for the correction of ticks. In this case, it can be administered to patients of any age.

Hyaluronic Acid

What is it?

This substance, which is part of the extracellular connective tissue, which provides the necessary moisture. Most popular products based on it - hyaluronic acid solution "Restylane" and "Perlane." Now in Russia there were "second skin" and "Yuviderm" - they are the concentration of hyaluronic acid above. These drugs are gels of varying viscosity and entered into the superficial, medium or deep layers of the skin. For each layer, apply the definition of a gel.


For the correction of all types of wrinkles - facial on the forehead, over the bridge, in the corners of the mouth, nasolabial wrinkles - and changing the shape of the lips.


The filler is injected with a fine needle into the wrinkle or lips. For pain on injection site applied anesthetic gel, especially necessary before the procedure on the sensitive lip area. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes.


After the injection appear redness and sometimes swelling to subside in 1-2 days. For some time, may increase the sensitivity of the skin.


All the above preparations of hyaluronic acid is almost never cause incompatibility reactions, since hyaluronic acid has been found in the tissues of the skin, with a reduced number of its age. The only danger of injections is that you are not satisfied. But in this case there is a way - doctor will absorbable enzyme. Although
Doctors say that in their experience of such cases were observed.

The Result

After any such procedures become less noticeable wrinkles. The duration of the effect depends on the concentration and density of hyaluronic acid preparation. Action "Restylane" and "Perlayn" saved from four to six months; "Yuviderm" and of the "second skin" - to a year.

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