Intimate Plastic: to be or not to be

 No limit to perfection, as was once said, a classic. Nowadays, with the development of plastic surgery these words are particularly relevant. Virtually every woman who has a higher than average income, can improve the external data using plastics. And not only the face and figure, but also intimately-intimate parts of the body.

Many women who experience sexual problems or displeasure of their genitals, thinking: "And do not make me whether intimate plastic?" And it seems like I want to finally get rid of tormenting the entire lifetime of the complex and at the same time scared to go under the surgeon's knife. To understand the question - to be or not to be intimate plastic - should first find out what types of transactions can hold plastic surgeons.
1) Plastic labia. Most women want their labia were very modest size, which seeks doctors by excision of excess tissue and the formation of the desired size for the woman and the kind of lips;
2) Vaginal. Some women after childbirth problems arise: either the vagina loses its elasticity and excessively stretched or, conversely, is too narrow because of the resulting scars. All this greatly reduces the quality of sexual life of women, but with the help of special operations, these problems are easily solved.
3) Hymenoplasty - hymen restoration. Is very popular among girls from countries where it is still very much appreciated premarital tselomudrie.Esli woman does not want to devote a young man in the past, then the transaction is a good option for her.
 These operations take a little time and recovery also passes pretty quickly. The main thing - to apply to the well-proven clinic, staffed by experienced professionals, and where you will be given detailed advice about future operations.
What you should consider before surgery?
If you've always wanted to have confidence in yourself and your sexuality and your operation seems the only option to achieve this, do not torment yourself and satisfy your heart's desire.
If you are afraid and not sure whether so and you need it, maybe your problems lie not in the genitals, and in your mind? Then, instead of a plastic surgeon you should refer to the good psychologist.
Do not listen to friends, and do as you like.

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