How to remove skin imperfections

How to remove skin imperfections
 Leather - a very sensitive organ, especially the facial skin. External factors, internal organs, nutrition, age - all of this is reflected in her condition. The main disadvantages that arise - a rash of various kinds, excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of tone. To eliminate them, you must take active measures, but do not forget about prevention.
 If you are concerned about various types of pimples or redness, then the cause must be sought within the body. Reconsider your menu, try to exclude from its baking, cakes, meats, sweet drinks, mayonnaise, do not get fast food and french fries. Keep up the work of the intestine, do a cleansing enema. If the diet does not work, make US of internal organs and go to the doctor, perhaps, the reason some of them. Find out the reason, it will be possible to determine the treatment.

In adolescence, rashes are often associated with changes in hormonal levels and it has to be experienced. To reduce the unpleasant manifestations acknowledge the tips above, be sure to visit a beautician and make cleaning of the face. When excess fat regularly wipe your face with a special lotion to cleanse the pores and remove accumulated dirt.

If you are concerned about spots, we must first check the hormones, as it is its violation often cause unwanted pigmentation. Furthermore, spots arise principally under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, be sure to use products for the face with a protective factor of at least 20. Get rid of stubborn stains help deep peels, which should carry a good beautician.

Fine wrinkles may begin to appear as early as 25 years. Especially prone to this dry skin. To reduce these unpleasant manifestations, well moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Use makeup according to age recommendations, but do not forget about natural remedies, such as natural oils and masks. After 40 years, you can enjoy a more active hardware and injection techniques: microcurrent therapy, mesotherapy, biorevitalization etc.

Loss of skin tone, then the extension - this is also the age of satellites. To reduce and postpone these manifestations, follow the guidelines in the previous paragraph. It is also very useful to wipe the skin with ice cubes, like the contrast perfusion or compresses.

The skin of the body is also subject to undesirable changes, mainly age. In order to reduce them, it is necessary after 25 years of age must take care of the skin and the body too. Use the natural oils can be enriched with vitamins A and E and essential oils. Sometimes pamper your body wraps salon. Take a contrast shower, bath or sauna visit, do massage. All this will help to keep the skin for a long time the body is smooth and elastic.

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