How to remove paint from skin

How to remove paint from skin
 The majority of the fair sex to save on services professionals hairdressers, hair coloring procedure performs at home. But often self-staining leads to traces of paint on the skin. Many do not know how to deal with this problem.
 Before proceeding to hair coloring, lubricate the small amount of petroleum jelly or fat cream those areas of the skin that are most often spoiled during this procedure. As a rule, forehead, ears, neck and part of the temporal lobe. Because of its texture, these funds repel ink, and the skin is clean.

Remove all traces of paint from skin can be by means of a conventional toothpaste. To do this, put on a soiled place a small amount of paste and hold until dry, then wash off. Repeat this procedure is necessary before the final disappearance of spots.

In addition, traces of paint on the skin can be removed with the help of a professional stain remover sold in beauty salons.

If during coloring hair dye on your clothes, you must immediately soak it in cold water for 30-40 minutes and then wash with soapy water until the stain is completely gone. If this method does not help, you can use stain remover. Wash only thing needed in cool or cold water in general, otherwise more paint vestsya tissue and it will be impossible to wash it.

In modern times produced a huge number of hair dyes that do not leave stains on the skin. Therefore, when a home coloring, better to give preference to this, the more that they are not much more expensive than usual.

Purchase hair dye is necessary only in specialized cosmetic stores, providing quality assurance. Otherwise, you may be faced with a mass of serious problems, such as not getting the desired shade or loss of hair after coloring.

When coloring hair at home is imperative to observe safety rules, which are specified in the instructions.

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