How to reduce the oiliness of the skin

How to reduce the oiliness of the skin
 Oily skin gives a lot of inconvenience, especially in the summer. And due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands are constantly emerging pimples and other eruptions on the face and body. But you can achieve good results and some lower fat problem skin.
 Twice a day, clean the face special tools that are designed specifically for oily or combination skin. Body sell similar gels. It is desirable that a part of such cosmetics included zinc or salicylic acid. Do not use ordinary soap, it clogs the pores, which further triggers the production of sebum. After washing with cold water (you can add to it a little lemon juice), wipe the face tonic to the pores close.

Twice a week, make a mask out of clay. Dissolve it in a small platter of warm water and then using a special brush or fingertips, apply to the face (the body), avoiding the eye area. Hold for 20 minutes, then simply wash. Clay pulls oil from the pores and narrows them.

In the morning, wipe your face with lemon juice. Fit and citric acid, but it is better to not use as natural in it nothing. If you have a cucumber, then wipe the face with his juice or plastic.

From natural products helps reduce oily skin and parsley juice, but it has a bleaching effect and. Put a few sprigs of greenery in a container, remember to start to stand out juice. Add a little water and let it sit for an hour. Then strain and use as a tonic. If you want to make alcohol tincture, then chop 50g parsley and fill it with 200 ml of 10% alcohol. Insist about 7 days. Wipe problem skin several times a day dipped in liqueur with a cotton pad.

Do not eat fatty foods, they provoke the release of fat from skin glands. To maintain the balance of the skin take vitamin complexes. Gradually returns to normal. Also worth noting is that with age, the skin can change its type and become normal or even dry.

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