How to reduce stretch marks

How to reduce stretch marks
 Stretch marks on the skin, especially on the thighs and abdomen, the scourge of women. For some it is a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, and someone too quickly gained weight, and skin does not have time to properly react to it. Sometimes the presence of striae explain and endocrine disorders. But in any case, when they appear, are almost impossible to remove. Most often, you can only reduce them or try to make almost invisible, and even then, if not lost time.
 Unfortunately, if the stretch in problem areas have been your grandmother, mother or other relatives, you have almost a hundred percent chance to get them, too, because the synthesis of collagen and elastin, you may be exactly the same. This is a hereditary trait. Still, you can prevent their occurrence, if the time prefer to prevention.

First of all, try to keep your weight is normal, avoiding sharp fluctuations in one direction or another. During pregnancy you do not hold, but nothing prevents you to use special bandages and wearing a supportive bra during breastfeeding.

Wash and massage the skin and strengthen it with various creams. The best skin creams contain vitamins A, E, C, essential oils and plant extracts.

If on the appearance of stretch marks you escape still failed, do not wait until they turn white - then certainly have to use drastic methods to remove them, and even then not with absolute assurance. Skin tone with fresh stretch marks you can improve by using seaweed. This procedure is simple. Purchase algae, prepare and apply them to the areas of the body with stretch marks, wrap in cellophane and wrap (or cover with a thermal blanket) for an hour, before the penetration of useful components in the skin. Such procedures you'll need a few - from 6 to 12, depending on the number of stretch marks and skin condition.

You can also look for a cream against stretch marks that contain silicone, elastin, collagen, nutrients and components, softening scars and uneven skin smoothing.

Fresh stretch marks can be reduced by resorting to ultrasound therapy. With it produced micro skin and fat, while in problem areas improves metabolic processes. Ozone therapy - subcutaneous injections of a mixture of oxygen and ozone - also reduces stretch marks of recent origin.

If you've been paying attention to their stretch marks after a year or more, they can reduce the use of chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

In the chemical peeling the acid used, which are applied to the skin. As a result, the damaged layers of the epidermis is burned, and collagen synthesis increases. This procedure is painful and is performed under general anesthesia. The recovery period lasts several months.

Laser resurfacing removes the superficial layers of the skin by laser beams. She is gradually recovering, becoming smooth and even. But it also requires a lot of time; about three months is not recommended to sunbathe.

To remove stretch marks are also used mesotherapy - microinjections of vitamins, herbal extracts and nutrients. With its help stimulate metabolism, and stretching partially resorbed.

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