How to make your feet soft

How to make your feet soft
 Women often spend a lot of time and money to make the skin soft and silky feet. Meanwhile, it is not necessary to spend hours in a beauty salon, a fairly constant home care, so you can get well-groomed skin of the feet.
 Weekly pamper your feet soothing baths. Adding water, natural concoctions of herbs and flowers, glycerol, or sea salt, you will not only make the skin soft, but also relieve fatigue legs.

Clean your feet on the dead skin cells regularly and thoroughly. Rasparte feet in a basin of warm water. Then a special pumice walk in areas of deadened epithelium. If the skin is very rough, repeat the procedure several times. Get a good foot scrub, exfoliating and smoothing the skin. However, it can only help you with regular use.

After cleansing soften rough skin of the feet will help you special masks. For example, mix with egg yolk, one teaspoon of lemon juice and starch. Apply the mixture on your feet and leave to dry mask, then rinse. To cope with a very rough skin you can help ordinary onions. Scald it several times with boiling water, then apply the onion halves head to the most problematic areas and wrap film. Then the legs need to wrap up. After a couple of hours, remove the compress, rub your feet with pumice, rinse and apply a moisturizer.

Make your feet soft and can help oils. To do this, take a little olive or burdock oil and rub them every time after baths. If you are doing a massage in the evening, at night, wear soft cotton socks. If you do not like the oily texture, purchase or softening moisturizer for the feet. If the skin is very dry, prefer nourishing products.

Making all kinds of natural mask of fruits, vegetables and essential oils for the face, hair, hands or body, do not forget about your feet. Remember that taking a special vitamin complexes also can improve not only the hair and nails, and skin of the feet.

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