How to make a mask out of clay

How to make a mask out of clay
 Ancient tool invented by nature itself and allows to preserve the beauty and youth - a clay. Focusing a minerals, it cleanses the skin and makes it more fresh. Masks made of clay are simple in design and available to everyone.
 Before you make a mask out of clay, it is advisable to understand its properties. Each of its type has its own, unique qualities and helps to solve some problems with the skin.

Clay differ in color and composition, but any of its types can be used for cleansing mask. Pink clay struggling with premature wrinkles, green improves oily skin, blue is used for dry skin. White is good for normal skin.

Masks made of clay applied to the pre-cleansed face. The powder can be diluted in normal water, broth of herbs or mineral water. The amount of clay is taken arbitrarily, depending on the desired volume of the future mask. Consistency it should resemble the average degree of fat sour cream.

Thus was prepared the basis for the mask, which can be added a variety of ingredients. For dry skin may be a few drops of vegetable or essential oils and oily - lemon juice.

The clay is applied to the face skin smooth layer except over sensitive areas around the eye. There clay can provoke premature wrinkles. The smoother layer of clay, the better its absorbent properties. Can be used for this cosmetic spatulas, but also hands clay applied to the face is quite simple.

It is not necessary to withstand the mask on your face for too long, to achieve the result enough for 10-15 minutes. If the clay dries on the face, forming a hard crust, it begins to pull additional moisture already in the skin cells, overdrying it.

Clay wash with cold water, in order to facilitate the procedure, you can first moisten face, and already after razmoknet clay, remove it with a napkin. You must then apply to the face moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Procedures should not be too frequent, oily skin is only two masks a week, and dry well enough alone.

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