How to get rid of acne forever

How to get rid of acne forever
 How to stay beautiful and confident, if the face and body acne and acne strewn? Many people naively believe that the cause of acne is incorrect and unbalanced diet and the problem will recede if reconsider diet and starve yourself. However, doctors unanimously declare that the cause of acne lies not in the diet.

Firstly, the appearance of blackheads and pimples is because excessive amounts in the body of male hormones androgen, which under the influence of the sebaceous glands begin to produce excessive amounts of subcutaneous fat. This environment is beneficial for the development of a plurality of pathogens, and their ability to live (as well as the wrong methods of dealing with them) and can not get rid of acne forever.

Secondly, the cause of inflammatory processes of the skin is increased cornification of the skin. Dead flakes overlapping microscopic holes on the surface of the skin and thus preventing the free release of subcutaneous fat on the surface.

Thirdly, a cause of acne is a bacterial inflammation of the skin due to the extrusion of individual spots. Because of this microbial inflammation begins to spread under the skin, infecting new areas.

To get rid of acne forever, you should see a specialist - general practitioner, who, thanks to the results of tests and survey the body will help to identify the real causes of acne and acne is in your particular case and prescribe treatment.

For the treatment of acne should be used for washing cosmetics, the effect of which is aimed at dissolving dead skin particles and their gentle removal, as hard peels in the treatment of acne use is prohibited. Before going to bed after washing a special tool must be applied to the skin healing drug, which will appoint a dermatologist in accordance with the characteristics of your skin.

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