How to choose a mask for your skin type

How to choose a mask for your skin type
 Each type of skin needs an individual approach. Of course, many face masks are universal, they are suitable for everyone, but there are also those who preferred to use only when a certain type of skin. Select the mask should be reasonable as well as the main means of facial skin care.

Today in the world of cosmetics you can find many masks. Very often, manufacturers do not indicate on the package for any skin type is one or another mask. This is due to the fact that many of them are designed to deal with specific problems. For example, the mask dries may be suitable not only for oily skin prone to inflammation. This mask can be used and holders of dry skin to cope with a sudden there was a problem. However, there are general guidelines, which should heed when choosing a mask for permanent use.

Normal skin without any problems recommended masks the effect of toning, whitening mask to improve the complexion. Owners of normal skin type rarely have to deal with any salient issues, so they are more suitable masks, which have a general beneficial effect on the skin.

Dry skin is more delicate needs intensive hydration and nutrition, respectively, it is necessary to choose a mask that will saturate the skin with moisture, restores moisture balance, make it soft and supple. Masks for dry skin tend to have a creamy consistency, at least - the gel. Often there is a word in the title of «Hydra». Creamy mask can not wash off, but only removed from the face and neck surplus tissue or paper towel. As part of cleansing masks (exfoliants) for dry skin is preferable content is not natural (milled bone fruit, nuts), and artificial abrasive components (plastic pellets).

The structure of masks for oily skin types include antibacterial and dehumidified components that help get rid of excess sebum (sebum), narrow pores due to the elimination of these sebum and dirt, have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. They are produced preferably in the form of gels. Often the basis for such masks is clay, have high adsorbent properties. Cleansing mask with a fine abrasive (natural or artificial) particles and cooling components, masks with matte effect - all of them are designed for oily skin types.

For aging skin developed special masks, which increases the density and elasticity of the skin, improve complexion, provides a lifting effect, smooth wrinkles. Such masks are not designed for a specific type of skin, and under a certain age. They belong to the anti-aging cosmetics and are not recommended for young skin. It is not necessary to accustom the skin to such "feeding" too early.

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