How to choose a concealer for oily skin

How to choose a concealer for oily skin
 The basis of a good makeup - is a fresh, radiant complexion, touched by a slight blush. But few can boast of perfect skin by nature. Therefore it is necessary to resort to tricks to mask small flaws and change the natural skin tone. Best assistants in this case - a variety of proofreaders. And the main task is to choose the most suitable for your skin type.

Concealer for skin - this cosmetic means for masking minor facial imperfections. A variety of redness, dark circles under the eyes, rashes and minor wrinkles perfectly cleaned using a properly sized cream. Concealer can be produced in the form of cream in a tube or in the form of a compact pencil that is easy to wear in the beautician. If liquid concealer, then apply it in three ways: using sponge, brush or fingers. Each of the methods has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Used sponges and brushes must be washed frequently, otherwise they become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. But these tools allow us to put an even layer corrector very well camouflaged problem areas. When applying the cream fingers, he warmed by body heat and goes more smoothly. But in this case it is necessary to make sure that in remote places, for example, the roots of the hair, masking agent was applied evenly and not too allocated. 

It is very important to choose the right concealer for your skin type. For oily skin prone to excessive greasy luster, it is necessary to choose the means of correcting a large percentage of volatile silicones. After applying these substances are gradually evaporate from the surface of the face, leaving only the pigments and caring components. As a result, the skin appears more dry, matte.

Particular attention should be paid when selecting the same on the color corrector. They are available for the different colors: greenish, pink, purple, salmon. Corrector shade depends on its purpose. If the skin is prone to acne and rashes, often for oily skin, in any case, you can not use concealer pinkish hue. This only further accentuate the irritation of the skin. Here it is necessary to use a corrector greenish tint. It is better if the color will be warm, for example, beige and olive.

Concealer should be applied directly to the redness and irritation, dot. It is very thin, almost jeweler's work that requires a lot of attention. Rush at this stage it is impossible. But then all the effort will pay off thanks to the excellent mind perfectly smooth and fresh skin. After the dot correction to the entire face should apply a thin uniform layer of your usual foundation.
Oily skin tends to very quickly salitsya and covered with small pimples. Therefore, it needs for the additional correction of the day. Not to be annoying situation suddenly appeared in front of a new pimple or redness, you should always carry a concealer corrector. This change will allow burdensome to feel confident in any circumstances.

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