How not to make mistakes: 10 things you should not be allowed in the care of the skin

How not to make mistakes: 10 things you should not be allowed in the care of the skin
 Over the millennia, every woman looking in the mirror, wanted to create an elixir of eternal youth. But as time goes on, and as the seasons come and go, and people change over the years. However, there are women whose beauty over the years, though increasing, not decreasing. And there are those who for 40 years look 10-15 years older. What can we do to avoid falling into the second group? Try from a young age not to make mistakes in the care of the skin; those errors that appear with such trifles in 18 years and turn into tears in front of the mirror 45.

These errors are only ten:
1. You are not sufficiently moisturize the skin.
A newborn baby is out of the water by 83%, and an adult only by 70%. In fact, aging is the loss of cell moisture. In order to slow down this process, the skin should be saturated with moisture continuously. And the outside and inside. Use constantly moisturizing skin care. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Do not wait until you have a craving, do not wait until the skin is dry - drink enough during the day.
2. You do not protect your skin from the sun.
Any sunburn in adolescence certainly will make itself felt in adulthood. Protect your skin from the sun always, if you do not want to see on his face after 35 years of wrinkles and age spots. Let all your daytime products contain protection against UVA radiation and UVB. Cover your face hats or baseball caps fields. And of course, wear sunglasses.
3. You are not enough sleep.
The English have a saying: "Sleep until midnight - for beauty sleep after midnight only to health." Think about what is more important, the momentary pleasure of nocturnal gatherings in front of a computer screen or pleasing the eye in the mirror. Sophia Loren says that the secret of her beauty - a dream. Take her example, sleep at least 8 hours a day.
4. You do not pay attention to the quality of cosmetics.
Many of the girls learn the latest trends in makeup, but I did not understand as cosmetics. And years later reveal problems with eyelashes due to poor carcass and uneven skin due to poor-quality powder. Do not spare money for a good makeup, as a contribution to your future beauty and long youth.
5. Do you use creams that do not match your age.
Anti-aging creams are used at the wrong time can cause great harm to your skin. Take your time, all the time! And for serum lifting effect it will come too. Unfortunately.
6. Do you use very aggressive cleaning agents.
Do not think that the more your milk foam or gel cleanser, the better it cleanses the skin. Much foam is a sign of the content in detergents caustic cleaning agents that destroy the natural protective barrier of the skin. Peels and scrubs is generally not recommended to use up to 30 years.
7. You do not wash off makeup before bed.
It was in a dream skin refreshed best. At night, the skin cells are recovered twice as fast. Try to sleep in street clothes and shoes. In the morning you will feel tired and broken. And what is your skin under a layer of makeup, mix with the secretions of the sebaceous glands and the dust of the street?
8. Are you interested in short diets.
Appeals to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, will not bring you anything but digestive disorders, and hormonal disruptions in the body. For the skin, these fluctuations in weight - a lot of stress, leading to a loss of elasticity. A dropped pounds back in even greater numbers.
9. You do not pay attention to nutrition
You eat everything without looking at the composition of the products or the number of calories. Add to this the fast food or alcohol abuse ... Gradually manifest on the skin, in the form of pimples, irritation, acne ... Review your diet, reduce the consumption of sweets, canned food and carbonated drinks.
10. Do you smoke.
No comment. Just stop smoking.
Do not make mistakes in his youth, and it will allow you to resist the aging process, longer-lasting youth and beauty. After all, our age is not the date of the passport. That's how many years we look and feel. Stay young.

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