Gloves for hand care

Gloves for hand care
 Many women diligently care for the hair and skin, completely forgetting about the hands, the skin is constantly exposed to cold and heat, water and household chemicals. And it is often the hands give the woman's age. Skin of the hands should be paid no less attention than the face, and a great tool for this are special gloves, care for your hands.

Recently in the market of skin care products were special gloves that make hand care simple procedure. Simply put them on for half an hour, and special components that make up these gloves, gently begin to take care of your skin.

Your skin becomes smooth and silky, disappears peeling and small cracks. For serious skin lesions and fractures of hands gloves can be worn on all night, but do not wear them for more than fourteen hours.

Even if you do not have serious problems with the skin on the hands, and she looks healthy, silky and elastic, you should periodically use gloves for the prevention of age-related changes. The positive effect of the use of gloves is shown in patients suffering from various diseases, manifested in the form of rashes and flaking in the hands.

In addition gloves have a warming effect and helps the active components of specialized masks and creams intended for the skin of hands, to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, thereby increasing the efficiency of most cosmetic products, as well as open additional strength natural ingredients using traditional medicine.

If you have dry skin of hands to help gruel from a spoon of milk, one spoon of vegetable oil and three tablespoons of oatmeal. The resulting mixture is applied to clean skin, which is put on the night gloves for hand care. After several treatments the skin condition has improved significantly, lost the feeling of tightness and flaking.

Moreover gloves can be used for treatment and a layer of brittle nails. They should be wiped with oil solution of vitamin A or olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice and overnight wear gloves on his hands. This procedure is useful for nails and cuticle. You can in the shortest time to get rid of burrs.

Gloves for hand care must be periodically washed gentle detergent in cold water and only his hands. They should not be pressing and dry on the battery.

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