Cream for combination skin

Cream for combination skin
 Combination skin type is very common. And caring for it gives us an uneasy task, because the two extremes - oily and dry skin coexist on the same face. Indeed, the need to care a little more, but nothing complicated really not.

Combination skin combines portions of oily and dry skin. T-zone - the chin, forehead and nose shine, and sometimes they even pimples. And vice versa smooth cheeks, and even prone to dryness and flaking.

Now on sale, you can find a great variety of creams. Special funds specifically for combination skin among them abound.

But a more effective method of care for combination skin - the simultaneous use of creams for oily and dry skin. First, you must smear the entire face moisturizer for oily skin. Then, on the cheeks, apply a greasy day cream and rub gentle massaging movements.

During the day, forehead, nose and chin rub the special napkins. If there is a rash and inflammation, you can use antiseptic based on chamomile and salicylic acid.

Before going to bed, clean the skin, and use Nourishing Night Cream. But only lubricate cheeks. T-zone skin secrete too much fat and fat. These areas cream at night is not necessary. And cheeks hydration and nutrition are needed at night. Rub the cream into the skin light patting movements and excess grease neck cream.

When the mixed type skin eyelids generally too dry, leading to premature appearance of wrinkles and "crow's feet". Eyelid skin morning and evening is necessary to humidify a special cream for the area.

When choosing a cream carefully read the composition. If the cream contains alcohols or fatty oils - it you definitely will not work, because it can dry up or too fat to saturate the already problematic skin.

But if in the cosmetic composition is present extract of parsley, cucumber, calendula, chamomile, dandelion - is something that must be! Favor yield and fruit acid in a cream, and Vitamins A, E, B, C, F,

It is worth paying attention to the creams containing calcium and zinc. We used to see these components in the composition of assets for oily and problematic skin prone to inflammation. However, the zinc and calcium is not only dried and reduce inflammation, but also regulate skin lipid metabolism.

The structure of creams for combination skin should be light. Best suited non-greasy cream and emulsions.

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