Botox, Mesotherapy, fillers: Which is better?

 You are over 25 years old? Then for sure, considering the first wrinkles on the face, yes you've ever wondered about injections. Let's see what they are and how they work.

1. Botox

History: In 1980, an American physician Alan Scott successfully applied injection of botulinum toxin (Botox for short) for the treatment of abnormal contractions of facial muscles. Subsequently, botulinum toxin was used to block the neurological spasms and strabismus correction. And only after that Estheticians guessed to use the drug to combat wrinkles.

How it works: The facial skin is directly related to muscle. Therefore, when the active facial expression wrinkles. Botox interrupts the "communication" between the nerves and muscles, causing it stops moving. Due to genetic aging and under the influence of external factors skin fade and wrinkles become more pronounced. Botox blocks muscles work - mimic the activity is stopped, the skin is smoothed and resting.

Procedure: BOTOX administered short needle, and the skin or wetted with cold water, or ice is put on it. You can not massage the injection point injections in the first hours after the procedure. In the first, the second day is not recommended to stretch the facial muscles, more in an upright position and do not sleep "on his face."

You can not go to the bath and sauna, it is undesirable to drink alcohol in large quantities. Effect appears after about 14 days and lasts for 6 - 9 months. After 3 - 4 months mobility muscles partially restored. Repeated administration of Botox effect lasts longer - up to a year. Muscle atrophy occurs because the blood supply remains the same.

Botox can:

 * Smooth horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
 * Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows
 * Wrinkles at the outer corner of the eye
 * Wrinkles on eyelids
 * The nasolabial folds
 * The vertical lines above and below the lips
 * Wrinkle Neck
 * Raise eyebrows
 * Lower the eyebrows
 * Eliminate sweating palms, armpits and feet

2. Mesotherapy

History: The technique appeared in France in 1952, it is the ancestor of Dr. Michel Pistor.

How it works: In carrying out the necessary mesotherapy substances are delivered to the "real impact" directly, directly to the problem area. Usually cosmetics do not penetrate deeply, and medications if swallowed affect the entire body, and to the right place reaches only a small fraction of the drug. As a result, the "point of attack" effect is achieved in a very short time. Different formulations mesotherapeutic cocktail allow to solve a wide range of problems. The effect is also enhanced by the physical stimulation of the skin with a needle during the procedure.

Procedure: To achieve the maximum effect you need to take a course of injections. Usually it is divided into an intensive period (8 - 10 sessions once per week) and the maintenance period (1 - 2 sessions per month). As active substances generally used hyaluronic acid, trace elements, coenzymes, vitamins and amino acids. All components are selected individually mesotherapeutic cocktails.

Each component is responsible for a specific skin problem. You can go as crash course (4 - 6 sessions), and a comprehensive program (10 - 12 sessions). In both cases one is performed during the session, which lasts about 30 minutes. Do not be afraid of pain - modern methods of anesthesia to make the procedure painless and comfortable. Mesotherapy uses the finest needle diameter of a few tenths of a millimeter, which practically do not damage the skin and does not leave any marks or redness.

The effect is manifested after the first procedure: the skin is alive, begins to "shine" from the inside, eliminating the need for a large amount of cosmetics. There are programs "day off", and even "lunch break", giving immediate effect.

Mesotherapy can:

 * Improve muscle tone
 * To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and get rid of spider veins
 * Align the color and texture of the skin, help with acne
 * Stop hair loss
 * Get Rid of Cellulite
 * Secure and improve the result of plastic surgery
 * Enhance immunity

3. Fillers

History: Previously, for giving of volume tissues used synthetic gels (acrylic, silicone). The body does not always accepted them, there were various osolozhneniya. In the 90s Swedish company Q-MED established drug "Restylane," containing hyaluronic acid, which is perceived by the body as its own. So there were fillers.

How it works: For the correction of nasolabial folds and other expressions using the same method as for lip augmentation - applied bio-gel based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Surdzhiderm, Neuf), or a lipofilling. In this case, as a "filler" stands own adipose tissue of a patient, specifically prepared for this purpose.

Procedure: Injections made under local anesthesia using thin needles that do not leave traces. Duration of treatment depends on the volume of work. Gels do not cause allergies, inflammations and provide sealing around the injection site. Possible - redness, itching, feeling the tension. There may be mild swelling or even a bruise, but the next day - two all passes. After the injection is not recommended to use the sauna and solarium. The effect persists 6 - 8 months. After lipofillinga - from a year or more.

Fillers can:

 * Fill in deep wrinkles
 * Change the shape of the cheekbones, chin and lips
 * Adjust the relief of the face, neck and decollete
 * Rejuvenate hands (lipofilling)
 * Adjust the shape of the hands and feet (lipofilling)
 * Increase the buttocks (lipofilling)
 * Please add this or that plastic surgery

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