Birthmark: how to look sexy

Birthmark: how to look sexy
 Someone from nature has a pair of moles on your body and did not even notice them. While the other person is just littered with them. As a rule, people with fair skin have a large number of moles. It happens that a mole cute fit into the image of man, and it happens that seems ugliness. But however, neither was actually a mole on their own can be quite insidious.

First you need to figure out to how dangerous can be a mole. Moles, or nevi, do not like when they touch or hurt. It is particularly at risk are convex moles. They can inadvertently damage the razor blade or a piece of clothing. As to the zone at risk are those that are pulled from the hair. Dermatologists recommend such nevi removed immediately - immediately solved and aesthetic aspect, and reduce the risk of injury.

Sometimes moles start to increase in size, change color or become inflamed. In this case, it is necessary to immediately consult your doctor, as there is an opportunity to advance to diagnose malignant melanoma. This insidious "loner" very quickly metastasizes to the lungs, liver and brain. The faster you pay attention to suspicious changes, the more chances you have time to identify malignant disease.

So, okay, there is no changing moles. But for the sake of security you decide to remove them. How to do it and where to start?

Immediately prior to removal specialist examines and explores a mole in various ways. The structure of the color, density, uniformity and symmetry. To do this, use the dermatoscope - optical device, which increases tenfold image. It gives an excellent opportunity to review and examine the birthmark from different angles.

Next, a mole can arrange cytology. This means that if a mole allocates any secret or bleeding, then take her cell and sent to a separate study. This study helps to find and identify abnormal cells. If after examining your mole is not suspicious, then it is removed on the same day, but only after consultation with the oncologist.

To delete a convex moles use several methods to remove: electrocoagulator, liquid nitrogen, laser or diatermokoagulyator. The latter method is the most modern and perfect: it simultaneously to remove moles is sealed capillaries and disinfects the skin.

Simple flat moles are often removed by conventional surgical scalpel. By itself, a simple procedure for removing harmless moles simple and not very painful. It is performed in the clinic under local anesthesia.

But if the doctor suspects you have a cancerous mole, then hike to a specialized oncology center is inevitable. There oncologist will conduct additional studies of your moles. If fears are confirmed, the doctor will remove it and hold further treatment.

Melanoma removed surgically, it is a whole serious operation. On how deeply it has penetrated, and the scale of intervention depends. In this grip adjacent healthy tissue will be from 2 to 5 centimeters. In rare cases it is necessary to remove the lymph nodes that are close by. The same applies to the muscle tissue and the adjacent subcutaneous fat. Such operations are performed under general anesthesia.

The last step after surgery - healing.

At the site of a simple remote moles formed a crust, it is held for about two weeks. As a rule, spot removal moles treated with 5% solution of manganese.

After major surgery on the site you will remove stitches. They will be removed after a certain time. Sometimes use special ointment to promote healing.

If you have a mole removed by laser or electrocoagulation, the place of removal is only slightly different in color from the surrounding skin. Within a month, you will not be able to sunbathe. Although doctors recommend when a large number of moles generally protect from ultraviolet radiation. But if you really want to sunbathe, then do it best under the tent.

It is worth noting that even in a harmless-looking mole could be hidden threat. After removing the tissue sample is sent for a biopsy, this study is necessary. The results are usually ready in 2-3 weeks. If we define the malignant nature of a mole, you will be put on the account and monitoring oncologist.

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