Artificial Beauty. The desire to standards or the path to perfection

 Worldwide is rapidly getting younger circle of men and women who want to change their appearance. Currently, various plastic surgery resorted young people aged 20-25 years! Most of these people did not suffer from any physical disabilities. Psychologists believe that the main reason for the irresistible desire to change some facet of their appearance - psychological. In one case, people are driven by a desire to conform to generally accepted standards of beauty inherent in time, in the other - to overcome the inferiority complex and become more relaxed and confident person.

One of the most "popular" plastic surgery among women - is a breast correction. As a rule, the operation is achieved by improving the shape and volume of the mammary glands. Wide popularity of this procedure is due and medical conditions and personal considerations, when a woman thinks her breasts are too small. Normally adjust the shape and volume of the bust is required in the following situations: when changing breast shape after pregnancy or age-related changes its state; at the initial asymmetry of the mammary glands; for medical reasons - to restore volume and shape of the breast after removal of the tumor and surgical treatment of mastitis.

"Pedigree" silicone
As a rule, the main purpose of the operation - an increase in the breast. To do this, use artificial implants - transparent capsule with silicone gel inside. Modern capsules have a three-layered shell which completely eliminates the penetration of molecules in the tissue filler. These membranes are manufactured from medical grade silicone, it is inert in the physiological level, it does not react with body tissues, is not rejected and safe for the health.

Silicone implants are their "pedigree" since 1962. For the first time the idea to fill the silicone gel implant occurred American Tom Cronin. Since then, artificial implants have undergone a very big change. The first generation of such capsules are made of thick silicone, they have a smooth surface and are filled with liquid silicone. Silicone has the ability to penetrate through the sheath into the tissue, with the consequence of a chronic inflammation of the mammary glands. Made such implants to the middle of the 70s.

The second generation of implants are made of a thin already silicone capsule filled with more modern silicone gel, but thin shell contribute to further "propotevanie" of gel capsules in the fabric. They were used until the end of the 80s.

Finally, the third generation of silicone implants, which are produced till now, are made of thin silicone, special hardened barrier layer. The outer surface of the implant contemporary - textured filler - cohesive silicone gel, its penetration through the barrier of the implant in the tissue is possible, it has a high viscosity, tacky, non-pourable.

Under development are now "Titanium" implants, is a conventional silicone implant surface is coated with a thin layer of titanium. This "space" long metal and is widely used in medicine because of its absolute inertia, when introduced into the body never occurs rejection or allergy.

For medical reasons, for example, breast reconstruction after surgery to destroy it using their own body tissues woman - grafts. The flap is formed of the desired size of excess skin and fat of the front wall of the abdomen. This complex operation is carried out only when it is impossible to use synthetic silicone implants.

How does breast gets seductive shape? There are several ways to implant in the chest. The most optimal and safe cut crease of the breast surgeons believe. After healing, the seam is almost not noticeable, its size is only 4-5 cm. In this technique, the operation is not damaged breast tissue. In contrast, tissue damage when applied to the implant through an incision around the areola. This may cause sensitivity in this area and cause damage or milk ducts. After such an operation scar is almost invisible, because it passes through the lower border of the areola pigmentation.

The most insecure access - from the armpit, in the technique of the operation - the most difficult, but, according to experts, with the professionalism of the operating surgeon virtually eliminated by-tissue trauma. American surgeons have recently proposed to carry out the operation to implant the implant through an incision around the navel .... But in this case it is possible to use implants with saline only, and not with modern silicone gel.

The implant can be placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle tissue, the main thing that he was as good as possible isolated from the skin. After surgery around the silicone implant is formed by the so-called capsule of connective tissue - a reaction to the introduction of a foreign body.

Silicone implants can be round or teardrop anatomic form.

Choices about the cut, place the implant position and its shape makes the physician according to the individual characteristics of the patient, that is, taking into account the state of the breast tissue and wishes of women.

Of course, there may be complications such as bleeding into the cavity, where there is an implant, infection, thickening of the capsule around the implant, unbalanced their position, small folding implant. Prevent and avoid them - one of the main tasks of joint surgeon and the patient. The doctor informs the pre- and postoperative care of the breast, the observance of the recommendations is the key to success and health.

The number of people resorting to drastic changes in their appearance, with increases every year. The desire to get a perfect face or figure - a private right of everyone. I'm sure a lot of people after the change of appearance is really begins a new life filled with completely different events. Why is this happening - this is a question for psychologists ...

Author: Olga Zorina

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