Aromatherapy against stretch marks

 Scientifically scars are called "stretch marks" - sharp changes in the volume of the body that occur during pregnancy, sudden weight loss or obesity. It may be hormonal changes, heredity, poor nutrition or hypovitaminosis skin ...  

All this leads to a simplified cell division and protein synthesis in the skin which is manifested in the form of extensions resembling scarring. For those who enjoy aromatherapy, offers a wide selection of pleasant and useful procedures. Resorption and reduce stretch marks apply sprays, lotions, compresses, saunas, wraps, masks, and pure essential oils. As a basic framework for the preparation of various types of aromatic compounds recommended refined vegetable oils (jojoba, macadamia, avocado, wheat germ), honey, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, fruit puree, juice, egg yolks, potatoes, rice, oatmeal smoothie, clay, seaweed.

Basis can always choose according to your preferences and possibilities. Approximate number is given in drops for 1 hour. L. Basics: Ginger - 15, hyssop - 25, frankincense - 25, myrrh - 20, nutmeg - 15, neroli - 25, Petit Grain - 30, rose - 10, rosemary - 20.

Baths - the most potent technique. Provides full contact with the surface of the body substances. To essential oil was uniformly distributed in the water, it must be mixed with 30-60 g of emulsifier (a salt, honey, soda, foam baths). If you add the oil into the water, most of the material settles on the surface - get up slowly from the bath and towel. Remember that should start taking baths with a 5-minute procedures. Very hot tubs used in the event that you need to recover and cold. When taking a bath, you need to drink more fluids.

Essential oils complement the healing properties of the sauna, acting on the body through the skin and respiratory system. For the procedure required heat-resistant container with a wide neck. It is filled with water, adding essential oils (up to 10 drops per 15 ml). Procedure should start with 3 minutes.

When wrapping must be mixed with base oils, which in this case is added directly into water at the rate of about 2-3 drops per 15 liters of warm water. In the aromatic water can wet sheet or large towel and wrapped in a wet cloth for 2-3 minutes.

When tissue massage quickly warmed up, fragrance affects the nervous system, and the effect is extended to 1-1, 5 hours. Massage mixture 3-5 drops per 10 ml of base (preferably vegetable oil).

In the manufacture of masks, it is necessary to mix the creams and essential oil based, with 2-3 drops from a small number of bases (the tip teaspoon) gradually adding base.

Aromatic tea: Apply 3-7 drops of essential oil on the walls of hermetically closed 200 gram dishes. Keep in her tea, shaking occasionally. 5 days after the tea will be ready for use.

Some of these essential oils are not recommended for frequent convulsions, increased blood clotting (hyssop), hypertension, high degrees (ginger, nutmeg) for insomnia, nervous exhaustion (nutmeg). Pregnant women should not use essential oils without first talking to your doctor.

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