5 recipes for masks décolleté

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 Skin care involves not only the performance of procedures that will improve skin - neck and décolleté also need regular nutrition, hydration and cleansing. If you have the time and inclination, then cook them for special formulations.
 Purifying Mask

If the skin is prone to chest acne pimples or small, you should make regular cleaning procedures. Crush two large spoons of oatmeal in a coffee grinder, spread them warm milk to the state of the dough, add a teaspoon of butter (previously melted) and a drop of cream. 15 minutes is enough to get food leather neckline and oat grains cleanse the pores. Apply the mask and on the neck, tighten the fabric and it will saturate the skin with nutrients. Mask rinse water a comfortable temperature, and then lubricate the dried skin nourishing cream.

Toning Mask

Use cosmetic wax - it softens, nourishes and tightens the skin neckline, restoring its elasticity. Heat the wax in a water bath, making sure that the container is not exposed to water. Prepare the skin - lubricate it with vegetable oil (enough one spoon) to paraffin tissue does not contract. Warm melted paraffin put on the skin neck and neck, spreading his hands or a wooden spatula. Cooled, remove the wax about half an hour, slowly otslaivaya it from the skin. After that, the skin should be moistened with a nourishing cream.

Moisturizing Mask

Use ripe fruit pulp in order to normalize the skin's moisture balance. Mash with a fork piece of banana, apricot or peach, mix the pulp with a slightly warmed, fresh milk. The mixture is spread over the skin of the chest and neck, making sure that the layer was uniform. After a few minutes, remove the remnants of the dampening of wet cotton pad.

Nourishing Mask

Take a tablespoon of fat cottage cheese, mix it with the same amount of any nourishing cream and lubricate the skin of the breast. Hold the composition on the skin for half an hour, then remove it in the shower.

Rejuvenating Mask

Prepare a mixture of olive oil and fine or sea salt (2: 0, 5) and combine it with two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and squeeze half of the orange. Stirred a lot put on cleansed neck, and after half an hour, remove the mask, chest rinsed with warm water. Instead of olive you can use any vegetable oil.

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