Split hairs: modern solution to the problem

Split hairs: modern solution to the problem
 Split ends not decorate any one hairstyle. After all, it is - an indicator of damaged, groomed running hair. If earlier defeat this problem could only be using clippers, the modern technology offers a much more interesting options.
 The most famous and effective way to deal with split ends - hot scissors haircut. Due to the fact that the tool is heated, the tip of the hair is not simply cut off and sealed. This prevents its further dissection. Haircut hot scissors is now offered in almost all hair and beauty salon. Its cost is not much different from the price of an ordinary haircut.

Hot scissors hair can be done - that is, the hair cut to shape. And you can make a hairstyle flagella. The latter option will save you from splitting hair around the perimeter of hairstyles. Small strand wrapped in flagellum and all sticking to the side ends of her hair cut off. This prevents you from losing length, but deal with the problem.

Save from split ends treatment of hot hair silk wraps. Sometimes it is called lamination silk. Find an offer you can in beauty salons premium and spa. Wrap hot silk - one of the most useful modern procedures for hair. Hair saturated with moisture and restored.

But too damaged hair is best to mow, and then treat. After they cut the hair to recover very difficult. And many masks and balms, promising to rid you of split ends, only glued hair. Yes, at first glance it seems that the problem is solved. But hair glued able to become weakened, worse start to grow and become unhealthy appearance.

Laminating and Biolaminirovanie also promise to help. Each hair encapsulated by a special solution. In the case of this solution saturates Biolaminirovanie hair nutrients making them smooth, protects against external influences. Thus, on the split ends, you can forget for 3-6 months. But after a wash off composition, the problem may remain. But now you can mow and tips - because during this time your hair industry healthy and not damaged.

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