How to steam the face

How to steam the face
 Steam bath at home will help hold deep cleansing - is a simple and affordable way to clean the pores, to withdraw excess liquid and enhance the action of nourishing masks and creams that are applied immediately after the procedure.
 In order to carry out the procedure steaming correctly you need to cook a bowl of hot water - it can be an ordinary pan or a special device to moisturize the face and opening day. The principle of operation in both cases is the same, but using the sauna inhaler you do not need be covered with a towel - a special form tight to the person providing the necessary greenhouse effect.

Before rasparivaniem prepare the skin - clean it with a soft peeling to remove dead skin particles and clean the top of the pores. Then wash and dry your face dry.

In boiling water, add the dried herbs and a little essential oil. For each type of skin should be adjusted its composition grass. For oily skin, good anti-inflammatory compounds (chamomile, calendula, juniper oil), dry skin responds well to additional moisture (leaf linden, chamomile, rose oil), normal skin can nourish pairs sage, nettle and rosemary oil.

Hold the face over the steam for at least 15 minutes - during this time should open the pores, "releasing" toxins, moisture and sebum. Then wipe with a soft skin dry with a towel and start cleaning procedures. If the skin has comedones, then gently squeeze them with your fingers wrapped disinfected gauze. Dry, normal and combination skin nourishing mask can be imposed, rub her tonic composition or cleanser.

You can steam the skin with hot towels. Prepare a dense, soft, cotton cloth - soak it in hot herbal teas and put on the face. As the cooling cloth moisten it again and put on the face.

To steam your face, you can warm up with special masks - out of the blue clay, with the addition of medicinal compounds, fruit and berry extracts, etc. The principle of their application is simple - put on the face, wait for the allotted time and rinse with warm water. When heating the skin, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the pores and dissolve grease and dirt is withdrawn to the surface. After the mask is desirable to treat the skin tonic, tightens pores.

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