How to squeeze a pimple

How to squeeze a pimple
Jumped a pimple on the face can spoil the mood. Just want to squeeze it! However, this should be done very carefully, and it is better to wait for his self-extinction. If you want to remove nasty pimple is very urgent, it is necessary to take all measures to get the spread of infection or unsightly scars in the future. What rules are there for squeezing pimples?  
 So you do decide to squeeze a pimple. Then make a steam bath, the skin became soft. This will facilitate the process and make it less painful.

Soak cotton wool alcohol and wipe the pimple itself and the skin around it. Proceed to extrusion, gently pressing two fingers. Try not to damage or scratch the skin. You can wrap a bandage fingers, so they do not slip, or use cotton pads.

If you experience pain, stop the manipulation. You will have to wait until the ripe pimple. Then you can squeeze it without too much pain. Undeveloped spot worth smear iodine. Take a cotton swab, soak it in a solution of iodine and apply to acne. Hold a couple of minutes. In the morning, the pimple may disappear. Do not be afraid that iodine will leave a trace - it is quickly absorbed and after 7-9 hours becomes invisible.

If you did manage to squeeze a pimple, immediately treat the wound by means of rubbing alcohol. Poschiplet bit, but it's not terrible. But you can be sure that the infection does not happen and the person does not detonate. If from the wound bleed gently prizhgite its iodine.

By the way, squeeze a pimple is necessary so that it is free from pus. Otherwise there will be a secondary maturing sores. If you have made squeezing correctly, the pimple on the site a couple of hours will crust. Not otkovyrivayte it, wait for it self a discharge. This usually happens after a couple of days.

Not to engage in squeezing pimples, it is necessary to properly care for your skin. Use high-quality cleanser. Search them according to your skin type. Attention to skin care products which contains an anti-acne occurrence. Try as little as possible to touch the face with his hands, especially dirty.

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