How to remove black dots on the face

How to remove black dots on the face
 Black dots, or comedones, appear not only due to blockage of the sebaceous glands of dust and dead cells of the skin, but also as a result of non-compliance with a healthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, bad habits, hormonal changes. But in any case, the black dots represent a threat to the health of skin, so they should be removed.
 After a day of clean face scrub or other means of containing a part of kibble to help exfoliate the skin. This procedure is often called peeling. After washing, be sure to wipe your nose, chin and forehead swab dipped in alcohol is not the root.

Once every two weeks to carry out procedures "Steam bath". In the capacity of the need to pour hot water or herbal decoction. Face over the steam soak for 10-13 minutes. Then thoroughly washed his hands and wiping them with alcohol, squeeze out blackheads. The procedure for compulsory treatment ends face tonic or lotion that tightens pores.

Daily Wash only boiled water. Tap water contains many trace elements, including fluoride, calcium, iron, which affects the condition of the skin of the face and can cause the appearance of new blackheads.

Every day use for washing gels or scrubs, which is composed of acid BHA or AHA. Such cosmetics dissolve fat, which clogged the pores. After their use, be sure to lubricate the face cream for oily skin.

Do weekly masks based on yogurt, sour cream, egg yolk, clay. Masks made of these components, eliminate shine, inflammation and cleanse the skin noticeably. Facial masks to stand for 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed with warm water. Do not forget to wipe the skin lotion or tonic designed for problem areas (forehead, chin and nose).

If the above methods do not help to reduce the total number of black dots, consult a dermatologist. He will deliver an accurate diagnosis and determine the cause of comedones. Perhaps you will be directed to a mechanical or laser skin treatment, which is carried out by beauticians.

Follow the diet, get exercise, give up bad habits and hormonal drugs (unless prescribed by a physician). If possible, replace the foundation, powder and other masking agents usual day cream. Daily care for their skin and then black spots become less visible and then disappear.

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