How to purge the face

How to purge the face
 Facial Cleansing - a procedure that doctors beauticians recommend mandatory held at least once a month. It provides deep cleansing and elimination of the so-called "black spots" - dirt from clogged pores, which can not be achieved in the usual daily care.
 Facial Cleansing - a procedure salons, and is not recommended to take place in the home, as inept actions can enhance inflammation. However, if the skin there is no purulent-inflammatory elements (large eels with white "head"), you can clean the house and some of the most problematic areas - the wings of the nose, forehead and chin.

First we need to clean the skin, that is, to remove makeup and wash gel or foam for the face. After that the more deep cleansing facial scrub. Note: scrub dolzheen certainly be a very fine crumb, because larger items can injure the skin. Considered ideal scrub that a bank looks like cream, and only when you put it on your skin and begin to rub, then feel fine-fine crumb. Using a scrub, but in any case not recommended for people with rosacea, ie with damage to blood vessels face. Usually, rosacea is expressed in the form of fine red lines show through the skin, and is particularly common on the wings of the nose. Furthermore, it is impossible to use on skin scrub with many protruding moles and skin prone to allergies. Scrub is applied to the face with a thin layer, followed by a give it to dry, then wet the tips of his fingers in the water and work through the skin with light circular movements for 1-2 minutes, periodically re-moistening fingers. 

The next stage - it's steaming skin. This can be done by holding the face over a bowl of hot infusion of herbs and covering his head with a towel, but less traumatic to the skin is considered to be steaming with special warming gels. Such gel should be applied to the face and leave for 10-20 minutes, depending on the strength of gel.

After steaming happened - it can be easily understood by the fact that the face turned red, and enlarged pores - can produce komedonoekstraktsiyu, ie, the removal of "black spots" (their medical name - comedones). They are removed by hand or by using a special loop komedonoekstraktor (metal object resembling a tiny spoon with a hole in the middle), or hands. Hands should be washed clean and should be treated with some alcohol solution - hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.

The treated areas of the face should be wiped with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. After that, it is recommended to put on a face mask anti-inflammatory and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Rinse off the mask, you need to tone the face, that is to wipe tonic and put the cream.

These fairly simple manipulations can help you temporarily get rid of blackheads. However, for high-quality cleansing, especially in the presence of inflammatory elements, it should still turn to professionals.

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