How to protect the skin in winter

How to protect the skin in winter
 Winter facial skin subjected to the tests associated with different external conditions on the street - frost and wind, in the room - dry air conditioned. Of course, in such conditions requires extra care and protection.
 In winter to protect the skin from the cold, it is necessary to use protective and nourishing cosmetics. At low temperatures, the skin loses moisture, which leads to its dryness and flaking. Particular attention should be given to sensitive skin, to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction.

Wash your face in the morning with water at room temperature. If before going outside you have no more than 30 minutes, it is best to wipe the face of cosmetic milk or other gentle means that do not contain alcohol. Do not use antibacterial soap in the winter - it dries the skin.

Use day nourishing creams containing lanolin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, C and E. They moisturize and refresh the skin. Before long walk put on the skin cream from the weather with thermal insulation properties.

For oily skin better use gelesoderzhaschimi cosmetics. For dry and sensitive - recommend saturated nourishing cream. Give preference to "winter" line of cosmetics. It is usually rich in oils and fats. It is important to use tools suited to your skin type.

In the evening, after removing makeup, use a moisturizing cream to make up for the daily loss of moisture from staying in the frosty air. Cleansing masks and scrubs use only in the evening. At least once a week to do a nourishing mask (for your skin type). When chapping of the skin, mix a teaspoon of honey and glycerin with egg yolk. Apply to face and wait until the mixture dries. Rinse with lukewarm water.

The cold wind delicate skin of the lips, too, needs to be protected. Use this period more fatty lipstick (or at least, hygiene). Properly chosen a means of protecting your skin from exposure to cold, relieve irritation, redness and prevent it taut.

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