How to make your smile beautiful

How to make your smile beautiful
 How nice to have a beautiful smile, enthrall others, to win over the opposite sex, doing great in the photos. But not everyone can boast of a Hollywood smile, but a lot of the strength to make it more beautiful and attractive.
 First of all, pay attention to how you care for your oral cavity. Beautiful smile without healthy gums and teeth is simply impossible. It is necessary to observe basic rules: brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, flossing, do not eat cold immediately after the hot, etc. Regular visits to the dentist also does not hurt, it is far easier to deal with caries at an early stage of development than to treat a running "black hole."

Second, an important part of the lips and smiles are about their care should also be taken care of. Use nutritional hygienic lipsticks and balms, bedtime lubricate lips with butter or honey, it is desirable to do it every day, especially in winter. Do not skimp on the cosmetics that use makeup lips, buy only quality products from reputable manufacturers, because the pursuit of the economy could lead to an allergic rash or dry skin of the lips. To give a special charm smile Choose the right color lipstick. It is best to consult a makeup artist, who will select exactly the right tone for your type of appearance.

Regularly perform specific exercises that help to make your smile beautiful and prevent wrinkles. They do not take much time (just a few minutes a day), but the results will please you very soon.

1. Draw a figure eight in the air and stretched tightly closed lips;
2. The maximum strain lips, pull them out, as if to kiss her mouth wide open, then again Close the lips and relax them;
3. Take a breath, inflate cheeks and slowly release the air, creating a vibration between the lips;
4. Widely smile for a few seconds, then relax.

Make 5 approaches each exercise. Such exercises are well coached facial muscles, so if in the morning and in the evening you will perform it, the result will see in a couple of weeks.

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