How to make up acne

How to make up acne
 Women spend so much time trying to look good, and all the work can go down the drain because of one single pimple, who jumped the most conspicuous place, and even before the festive evening! If the problem is only in the fevered mound, then decide it is not so difficult.
 In beautician with the fair sex should be concealer to the skin. Well, if it is a dense consistency, opaque. If possible, buy a concealer that has additional antibacterial and healing properties. So you not only zamazhete pimple, but quickly get rid of it.

Pick up a pencil the color of your skin or a little lighter on the tone. Remember that the shade should be more yellow than pink, as the second did not cope with the correction of problem areas. If a sore bump is too bright or red, use a green concealer - it perfectly removes redness.

Wash your hands thoroughly and treat the sponge and brush, which you will enjoy. Before applying cosmetics clean face lotion, and then apply to the skin nourishing cream. Further treat problem areas proofreader, wait for it to dry completely.

Apply using a sponge foundation. Do this carefully, without obscuring the point plotted in pencil. Be careful not to apply too fat layer, otherwise you will create a mask effect, which only emphasize all the irregularities and defects on the skin. Try not to apply the funds to those places where you left a concealer.

After that, take the loose powder. Remember that to use it rather than compact, since it is easier to apply and does not weigh down your makeup. With the help of puffs align the complexion, give it a velvety.

The main rule - after the application of cosmetics do not touch face or sponge, no brushes, no hands, so you prevent infection. And, of course, may be masking a one-time yield. After that, enjoy a treatment of your body.

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