How to make the face brighter

How to make the face brighter
 Freckles, dark spots on the face - all of which can considerably spoil the mood. Particularly acute problem is the summer, when the heat of the not too popolzueshsya tonal means. How to lighten skin? Come to the aid of folk remedies.
 Get rid of freckles dream of almost all women who are familiar with the problem firsthand. There are a huge number of cosmetic products, cosmetic procedures to help solve the problem. But if on expensive professional treatments or effective "lyuksovskie" creams masks can not raise the money, the folk remedies are available to all. Especially since so those are the tools used by people for centuries have earned an impeccable reputation.

Already the ancient inhabitant of Egypt and Greece tried to get rid of freckles with plants. In later periods swarthy young ladies also did not neglect the means for skin whitening.

Alcohol lotion parsley

Excellent whitening effect is parsley. Take a big bunch of green leaf parsley, chop and pour 0, 5 liters of vodka or half diluted with distilled water rubbing alcohol. Pour vodka greens and leave for 14 days. Two weeks later, pour in the resulting infusion juice of one lemon. Get daily wipe your face whitening lotion.

Whitening Mask of parsley

Parsley serve as a basis for making excellent whitening mask. Of two tablespoons of green plants (can squeeze the juice and use it) and 1 tablespoon of sour cream, prepare a mask, put it on a thoroughly cleansed face and wait fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes, warm wash water. Of course, at once visible effect will not be because the mask is necessary to impose a regular basis.

Whitening mask from fruit

Amazing effects have whitening mask of strawberry, quince, mountain ash, viburnum, scarlet and black currants, strawberries. The simplest option - grind berries and fruit to a pulp, which is then put on face. But can complicate and enrich the recipe, adding in the sour cream, honey and lemon juice.

And finally, the most well-known means of freckles - the usual cucumber. Of grated cucumber is easy to prepare whitening mask by mixing vegetable pulp with sour milk or sour cream, and then having put on face for 20 minutes. And you can just wipe the face daily with fresh cucumber juice. The effect will not take long.

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