How to make a face beaming

How to make a face beaming
 Leather, as the models on the cover, is the subject of many women desire. But not everyone can boast the same. And often it is not only the inability to use decorative cosmetics. Internal health is instantly reflected on the skin.
 Before you run to the store for decorative cosmetics, pay attention to your skin. Redness, inflammation, acne spots and acne, dark spots, peeling - all this does not allow her to look healthy and beautiful. Quite often this is the result of poor lifestyle choices. Rare outdoor exercise, meals on the run, lack of sleep the most negative effect on the skin. So, before you cover up the shortcomings, think is better able to get rid of them forever. But in some cases may need help dermatologist or endocrinologist.

Take good care of the skin. Do not forget about the ritual of purification. Always remove makeup before going to bed and wash yourself with the means suitable for your skin type. Once or twice a week, use a cleansing mask. After accumulated dead skin cells make skin dull and lifeless. After that, be sure to moisten the cloth.

To become tired skin look better, use products containing vitamin C. But in large quantities it can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before using a new tool, try it on a small area of ​​skin. And to start the update process of the skin, use products with vitamin A (retinol).

If radiant skin "want" right now, then get help from a variety of decorative means. To get started, apply to the skin leveling base for make-up with light reflecting particles. It will not only make the skin more smooth, but will give it a beautiful shine. Apply a thin layer of foundation.

Mask all skin imperfections with the help of the corrector. Special attention to the area under the eyes. Dark circles under them should not spoil the overall look. Disguise them with a liquid concealer. "Highlight" this area will help highlighter.

Highlighter also applied to the area under the eyebrow, jaw line, and on the wings of the nose, if desired, the contour of the lips. Secure the loose powder makeup help of finely ground. Only in this way will naturally radiant skin, not a mask.

And do not forget the smile. It will help to shine any image.

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