How to look on the first date

How to look on the first date
 Give universal advice on how to look on the first date, it is impossible. After all, the most "delicious" style for every girl should be created depending on the type of her character, figures, faces, hair and eye color. However, there are some universal guidelines that can help you bring your own way to the romantic perfection.
 Consider a situation in which you will be on a first date. Find out in advance what the style adopted in the place where you go, if there is a strict dress code. Also take note of the weather - collect outfit so that you feel comfortable throughout the evening. Also consider the fact that after the "official" part of the event counterpart may call you for a walk. Be prepared for such a development - choose clothes and shoes, in which you can not only nice to sit, but with the convenience of walking.

Think about your entire image as a whole. Choose clothes, pick up in advance to her jewelry, handbag, color nail polish color and style makeup, hairstyle. Of course, your style will be created in accordance with the temperament. But in any case it is worth remembering the sense of measures. Do not try to put everything at once the most beautiful ornaments to focus simultaneously on the eyes, lips and hair. Clothing and accessories - a special language, use it wisely. Instead of on the first date to tell the whole story about yourself, leave the veil secrets to keep interest partner. A simple cocktail dress, sandals and a pair of matching earrings would be enough to make the right impression.

This standard set will work only in combination with luxury hair and skin. So take care of their condition. Clean the skin with a mild scrub or mask. On the eve of visits is not necessary to experiment with unknown aggressive means. Take a relaxing bath with essential oils. Make a nourishing hair mask, face, hands.

If you decide to make a new makeup for yourself, manicure and haircut, test them in advance. This allows you to "fill the hand" to get used to a new way and make sure it suit you.

If you are still unable to come up with an outfit for a first date, copy of a photograph from a favorite fashion magazine. However, when choosing a sample see not only clothes, but also on the exterior model. Pick the one that looks like you face shape, skin tone, hair and eye color, type of figure. In addition, the image of a glossy magazine often overly decorative. Take this into consideration when adapting the glossy style to everyday life.

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