How to disguise bags under the eyes

How to disguise bags under the eyes
 Many women are faced with the emergence of bags under the eyes. Causes of bags under the eyes very much. This may be a smoking, and lack of sleep, and excessive use of salt, water, coffee, as well as fatigue and stress.
 First of all, you must find out the cause of their occurrence and seeking treatment. But it's a long process, and you need to look great every day, so the easiest way to disguise bags.

In modern cosmetology, there are many tools that can help get rid of circles under the eyes. It is composed of ingredients which improve the blood circulation. Particular preference was given creams containing vitamin K and A.

Bags under the eyes can easily disguise using cosmetics. To hide this trouble, you need concealer dark and light powder. Concealer should easily fall on the skin, and powder should be matte, not pearl, so as not to draw attention to the problem areas.

First, using the corrector darken the bags, and then apply the powder. This procedure is done only once, or you will get the opposite effect.

You can use another method. Cool fingers ice or cold water, cloth or paper towel and gently pat your hands, apply, fingertips, gel or cream for swollen places. Circular massage movements begin to rub the cream into the skin.

To areas under the eyes, apply the cream with fluorescent effect to get like a crescent around the swelling. This method can visually get rid of bags, making them almost invisible.

Take a pink blush and apply them to the center of the cheek. Thus, you will distract attention from the eyes.

Tidy eyebrows tighten up and touch up the eyelashes. All this is done in order to "open" the eyes. In no case can not use a pencil or eyeliner and dark tones of shadows, otherwise it will be very tired, and his eyes will seem smaller than they really are.

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