How to clean up the face

How to clean up the face
 If you recently rhythm of your life has become so fast that time regular facials there are fewer, it can affect the health of your skin - fine wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, etc. You must find time to do their appearance.
 Start with a healthy, massage - your skin needs to stimulate blood circulation, which will certainly activate all metabolic processes in the tissues. Sign up to the salon for a few sessions of vacuum and ultrasound massage - you clean the pores, improve skin elasticity, will return to her resilience and healthy complexion. If you do not have time for a cosmetologist, do massage on your own - use the Japanese technique of lymphatic drainage massage. This method allows you to get rid of the swelling, improve the complexion, smooth wrinkles and tighten the tissue. Do it daily at bedtime, moisten your face cosmetic oil - a total of 12 exercises and your skin will look much fresher.

The skin should be returned elasticity, tighten it and outline the face - use the service radio wave lifting. Effect of the procedure is almost instantaneous - eliminates sagging areas, dark spots fade. If you prefer to contact methods and want to get rid of wrinkles, use the services of a cosmetologist for the procedure a chemical peel - acid remove the top layer of the skin, stimulating the renewal of tissues. After his rehabilitation and require several days protective regime. Injections of beauty, plasticizing or mud masks help to get rid of facial wrinkles, with whom your face disappear expression of concern, tension and sadness.

Home Care must also be intense - daily deep cleansing, steam baths weekly will help clean the pores, improve complexion and prevent the occurrence of inflammation. Wash your face in the morning herbs or wipe your face with ice - it tones the skin. A couple of times a week to do a clay mask with various components. Care for the skin around the eyes, nourishing it and moisturizing morning and evening. Cooling compresses and lotions from tea leaves to help cope with traces of fatigue under his eyes. Nourish your lips honey mask, do a clean toothbrush massage to stimulate circulation. Tidies your eyebrows and eyelashes: tweeze eyebrows, eyelashes lubricate burdock.

A set of measures to bring the person in order to be individual - depending on age, skin type, the existing problems.

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