Facials to 25 years

Facials to 25 years
 Unfortunately, it is common belief that care for a person under 25 years do not need to, because the skin is still young and needs no moisture nor in the diet. However, if a woman wants to look young and beautiful, and after 25, to begin to care for the person you need as soon as possible.
 It is recommended to ensure proper skin care before the onset of adolescence, as a properly fitted funds will help to avoid the appearance of acne, spots, etc. However, girls and older than 18 years should take care of your face to look attractive. The choice of means depends on the skin type: improper cosmetics bring more harm than good. For example, over-drying the skin often leads to early wrinkles and excessive nutrition and hydration can cause acne. The most difficult to choose makeup for owners of combination skin: as a rule, in such cases requires a number of different means, selected individually.

There are general rules for skin care that apply to all of its types. 1-2 times a week should be used scrub and face mask. Always remove makeup with the help of special tools - milk, lotion, etc., But not with the usual soap. On hot summer days, it is desirable to protect a person's face from the negative effects of bright sunlight, especially if you have very sensitive skin. Do not use cosmetics intended for women over 25. And finally, do not confuse day and night cream and eye cream, face, décolleté and hands. Each of them has its own specifics.

Owners of dry skin should choose a very gentle, forgiving masks scrubs that do not scratch the skin and gently clean it. Use lotion cleanser at least twice a day and be sure to apply after that on the face moisturizer. It is also possible to use tonics, but not alcohol based. Also, owners of dry skin is useful nourishing cream.

If you have oily skin, pay as much attention to the choice of means for its purification. You can use the refreshing face and tightens pores tonics, gels for washing and so on. During the day, wipe the face with wet cloth or cotton swab soaked in tonic. If on the face of pimples regularly, select a special tool against them.

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