Violets: growing and care

Violets: growing and care
 Violets (Saintpaulia) - a houseplant with a rounded or heart-shaped leaves, light or dark green in color. They are simple, fringed and terry, flowers can be a different color or monochrome colored. To violets grew well and happy with abundant flowering, you need to properly care for them.

For planting violets better to use plastic pots, because the clay earth dries quickly, and in winter in ceramic pots roots strongly cooled and may rot. Planting Saintpaulia not Tighten the ground, it is difficult to soak with water, and unless sated, will dry for a long time. In dense soil roots grow slowly, are subject to decay.

The best option for violets - peat land mixture with good drainage. Once a year, the plant should be transplanted into a larger pot because its root system grows well. Transplanting is best done in spring or summer.

Temperature and watering

Violets are afraid of sudden changes in temperature, for the normal growth of the most suitable for them is the temperature 20-24oS. If it is lower, growth is slowing colors, in this case, you should reduce watering. When the temperature was raised to 35 ° C, flowering stops. At this time you need to break the stalks and water violet evening. Besides it should be placed near the water tank to raise the humidity.

Water for irrigation should be warmer than room temperature. It should pour a plant or fill it pan.


For good growth violets need a light place. As far as the plant needs light, can be identified by the leaves. When they are on the outlet horizontally, not trapped in the center and smooth green, it means that the flower is enough light. If the leaves are drawn vertically up and clamped center with small leaves - the plant must be moved to a brighter place. When too much light, the leaves grow horizontally as it crumpled in a heap, with their small stalks and normal color lighter.


Feed the plants need during active growth. Most of all, violets need for phosphorus because of this element occurs abundant flowering.

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