Lessons crop: Aralia

Lessons crop: Aralia
 Aralia - houseplants family Araliaceae. There are twelve types of Aral. Homeland plants - Asia, America, Australia. One of the most popular types - Japanese Aralia.

Due to its unpretentiousness, some species of these plants can live on the street, if the climate is quite warm. They will serve as a nice decoration of terraces and patios.

When purchasing Aralia note gloss and color of the leaves. Withered leaves of irregular shape - the reason for the refusal to purchase. Pets Aralia grow up to a meter or more, depending on the variety.

If you plan to plant Aralia in the garden, with a preliminary acclimatization. On two or three days set the plant in a pot on the street. Only then transplanted into open ground. Outdoor plants grow up to two meters in height.

Flowering is possible on the street or in a greenhouse, and only in some varieties. Japanese Aralia gives white flowers odorless autumn or early winter.

Aralia, as a rule, does not need bright light and feels well in shaded areas. Some varieties prefer bright but not direct light.

Water the plants need at least twice a week in the summer and no more than once a week - in the winter. The soil should not dry out. Spray the plant with soft water. Feed the plants should be two weeks in liquid form during the growth period.

The ideal temperature for Aralia - 10-18 ° C. It is important to choose a well-ventilated areas, as most of Aral likes fresh air.

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