Gardener himself: violets

Gardener himself: violets
 Loved by many colorful "big-eyed" violets with fluffy leaves are also called Saintpaulia in honor of their discoverer - Baron von Saint-Paul, the governor of East Africa, who was hiding from the heat under the trees and suddenly discovered a "new" colors (by the way, in the nature of violets were only violet). The governor sent plants to German specialists. In 1893, took what we would now call "presentation violets": the flowers were displayed at international exhibitions, were first described in a famous magazine about garden plants and appeared in the homes of many flower lovers.

Since then withdrawn double and fringed varieties with buds of the same color and patterned with buds and even with branching stems.

Violets are propagated by leaf cuttings. You can take a friend's lover violets (and there are more and more) a few leaves, put them in water with a piece of charcoal and not to change the liquid pouring only as evaporation and as long as the "hatch" roots - and you're happy owner of a cozy garden violet!

Violets prefer bright light, but not direct sunlight, place and are afraid of drafts. If sunlight is very much on the leaves Saintpaulia appear burned as a light-yellow spots. To achieve the desired degree of humidity pot of violets should be put on a tray with moist pebbles or wet peat. Water the flowers should be medium - as the soil dries. It is recommended to take warm water (cold causes brown spots on the leaves) and watered carefully, without falling on the leaves.

In a pot needs to grow only one bush violet side branches should be removed as they become available. Also worth a timely manner to remove wilted flowers and damaged leaves, or Saintpaulia may cease to bloom. In spring and summer the plant requires regular fertilization.

During flowering violets must never be changed - it often prevents flowering. In addition, Saintpaulia may not bloom due to insufficient lighting, dry or cold air or a part of the transplant.

Yellowing leaves of the plant indicate dry air, abundant sunshine or incorrect watering. If the leaves are stretched and become pale green, and their edges are bent, this means that the violet cold. Saintpaulia also may suffer from diseases such as gray mold or mildew and be attacked
whiteflies, mealybugs and mites cyclamic (for all these ailments help drugs such as "Topaz", "emerald", "immunotsitofit", "vermitek", etc.).

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