Color mood garden

Color mood garden
 The color palette combines the most ordinary garden about 130 colors. Experts say that you can experience the joy or irritation from your garden because you have spread plants in the area, because color perception is a very important factor in the psychological, emotional and physical condition of the person.

When planning a garden, note values ​​and symbols of different colors. It is believed that yellow symbolizes joy, light and luxury. It's easy and energetic color. Planted in the flower garden plants shades of yellow, you will be in a good mood. It may be yellow roses, dahlias, marigolds or simple dandelions. However, the bright yellow color is associated with hatred, envy and duplicity.

The most lively and agile color - red. Shades act on the human nervous system stimulant. This color symbolizes passion, warmth, life. As such a bright spot in your garden plant red tulips, carnations or roses.

Shades of blue soothe. It symbolizes heaven and infinity. If you are constantly experiencing stress at work, take a corner in blue and dark blue colors. Put a blue spruce, cornflowers, delphinium, bells, and so on.

Purple color symbolizes luxury and wealth, but they should not be abused as when a large number of colors, it can have a negative impact.

Light and recovery will in any combination of white. This color symbolizes chastity, innocence, purity. In the background will be advantageous to look in bright colors.

Green symbolizes harmony and peace.Its bright colors - fun and lively, and the dark, on the contrary, - reserved and cold. Green foliage of trees can change its color throughout the season, but the bright green always pleases eyes.

You can effectively emphasize the color of one plant, planted on the lawn tapeworm. Or, conversely, to reduce the overall contrast of the entire composition, adding plants with white flowers and silver leaves. Mix and match the shades of colors, achieve interesting effects attached to each corner of your garden mood, and then it will be unique and will bring you only joy.

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