Cinema in your home

Cinema in your home
 Until recently, was considered a luxury home cinema. Afford it could only arrange only wealthy people with spacious apartments and houses. However, this technique is now available to many, and even in a modest apartment can arrange a cozy cinema.

Home theater system - a combination of art and interior design. This combination is called multi designers (from the English word multi - and a lot of room - bathroom), that is a kind of multifunctional multimedia room.

First, determine a set of equipment for image playback and multichannel sound. Usually it is an LCD or plasma TV with a big screen TV and DVD-player or a special screen and projector, as well as audio. If the room in which you are going to equip a small home theater, you should not choose the powerful speakers. The usual set - is five speakers and a subwoofer (such a scheme denoted 5: 1).

Screens for home cinemas differ in the size of your canvas. Apartments suitable for display with a diagonal of two or three meters. The spacious country house, you can use the screen and more than seven meters. The screens are rolled (there are mounted on the wall, after watching them can be minimized and clean) and stationary (floor).

If you prefer to watch movies on TV, keep in mind that its distance from your eyes should not be four times larger than the screen size. So if the room is small it is not necessary to post here with a giant screen video projector or large-screen TV, otherwise instead of pleasure from watching you learn irritation.

For interior use soft materials absorb sound well: a soft, cozy furniture, carpets. The door must be closed tightly. Try not to use things in the room with shiny surfaces that reflect light, such as mirrors, light-colored walls. Avoid anything that will distract your attention from the viewer.

Light sources, both natural and man-made should be on the side of the screen. On the windows hang thick curtains or blinds. To make it comfortable to watch movies put sofas, armchairs. Conveniently, you can stay in their seats, pears. They are easy to adjust to the shape of the body.

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