Before Christmas distribute all debts

 January 7 Orthodox around the world celebrate the great Christian holiday Due to differences calendar Catholics celebrate Christmas two weeks earlier, on December 25. For them it is the most important holiday, even more important than Easter and New Year. In the Orthodox calendar is considered more important than Easter. Nevertheless, Christmas also refers to the great, and celebrate it in a big way.  

How to celebrate

Christmas decided to meet with the family. Without the hassle of popping champagne and noisy. For centuries before the holiday hostess undertaken a general cleaning: stoked bath blown dust particles from all angles, Staley new tablecloth.

On Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve, January 6) arrange carols - children and young people walking the streets, knocking on every door, praise songs Christ and wish happiness owners. For children to have it give candy, small gifts or money.

It is believed that it is impossible to celebrate Christmas with the previous debts. Otherwise the whole year will have to live in debt. On Christmas Eve, you can not go far from home - the whole year will be promoted. And on January 7, wear new (not just wash!) Clothes, otherwise tortured failure.

Give angels

Custom to present gifts at Christmas began with the gospel story about the gifts of the Magi - they brought the baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. But this does not mean that you should stock up on gold and jewels.

Christmas gifts are symbolic, the main thing in them - attention. Suitable, for example, figures or angels gypsum cardboard and foil.

In the old days before Christmas of wheat dough baked figurines of domestic animals and birds. They are exposed to the window for all to see, and then handed out as gifts to relatives and friends.

Break their fast after Filippov

Christmas holiday is preceded by forty days, or otherwise Filippov post. He is considered lax, because these days are allowed to eat only vegetables and not porridge, but also fish. Only after the evening of January 6 the first star rises, you can switch meat food.

But it should be done properly. Alevtina nutritionist advises SIDORENKO adhere to the principle "more is better, but less":

- Try to eat every two hours, but little by little. And be sure to drink vitamin drinks - kvass, fruit drinks and fresh juices. But before moving on to the strict fasting festive meal, sip Cahors - it is not forbidden. If the measure ...

Gala dinner

Goose with apples

Goose rub with salt and black pepper inside and outside of the carcass after removing the internal fat. Pierce bird fork in several places.

Apples (1 kg, choose smaller) wash and put inside the goose. Pieces of goose fat to decompose in the center of the foil. Goose put on fat, foil wrap up. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake it in 2, 5 hours.

On a plate with boiled goose lay cauliflower and broccoli.

Guessing on ...

Wax ...

Melted wax is poured into water and frozen figure judge the future. Image similar to a house, foretells economy; Church - the betrothal; bent plants or trees - sadness, direct - joy; the ruins of the city - to treason.

... Beans

Make a wish, then scattered in the room grains, chicken run and considered as sklyuet. An even number - wish will come true. Odd - alas.

... Wind

Girls face the street, turning to the wind and throw forward a handful of snow. Fast and loud snow fall - to be married young. Fell dull and crooked - marry a deaf or an old man. If the dog barks, the shrill barking of a beautiful husband says; deaf, angry - about unsightly.

A shoe ...

Throw the gate or from the window of shoes, boots or any other obuvku (but not on the heads of passers-by!) And watch as she went. If the toe of the house, so this year you shine marriage. The toe of the house - a long road. In the right or left side looks? Will work hard and learn.


At Christmas time we must repent of their sins

Yuletide start right after Christmas, January 8, and last week. At this time in Russia abolished all posts. People were allowed to drink Nemer, fight furiously and girls miss their sides. And, of course, to guess!

But mistaken who think that Christmas time - just people's fun. In fact, Yule cycle set by the church.

- For true believers these days - an occasion once again to thank God for giving salvation to mankind, go to church, confession, - says the priest of the Moscow Patriarchate Father Eugene. - And instead of divination is better to visit the sick, the elderly, the poor, and even prisoners. Give them gifts that they can share the joy of Christmas.

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