Abutilon: particularly care

Abutilon: particularly care
 Abutilon popularly known potted maple because of the shape of its carvings, soft leaves, reminiscent of maple. This incredibly beautiful houseplant able in a short time to grow up inspiring sizes (up to 3 meters in height), in addition, it blooms profusely and can decorate any interior.
 Abutilon love of light, so it is worth to put on a sunny window, but he does not like direct sunlight or very poorly tolerate movement to bright light. In summer the plant is useful to bear in the fresh air (the balcony or in the garden), with select poluzatenennoe and protected from the wind.

Loves abundant watering in spring and summer in the period of active growth. In the case of drying earthen coma plant loses its leaves and flowers. In autumn and winter, watering should be reduced, because at that time excessive watering can also lead to loss of foliage.

In the spring, before the start of active growth, abutilon requires pruning. To this end, cut off from one to two thirds of the branches, depending on the state of its crown. When will the shoots, prischipnite them that will contribute to a beautiful bush.

Repot every spring flower, but it should be noted that the pot should not be too large, as profuse flowering abutilon only if the earthen room well enmeshed roots. Substrate for planting, prepare of turf and ground sheet, humus and sand (in the ratio of 2: 1: 1: 0, 5).

Abutilon very responsive to fertilization, which should be carried out once every two weeks in the summer with the help of mineral fertilizers. They can also be rotated with dressings aqueous slurry (in the ratio of one to ten).

Abutilon propagated by cuttings and seeds. With the help of the plant can be propagated by cuttings throughout the year. Trim neodrevesnevevshie shoots without flower buds (they can be pre-delete), and then put them into the water. Once the cuttings will release the roots, plant them in a mixture of peat and sand and put in a warm place.

Tender leaves room to taste maple spider mites, aphids and scale insects. If pests attacked the plant, spray it with infusion of sorrel. To do this, pour boiling water over five leaves and allow to stand overnight. Spray this infusion of the plant for a week until complete disappearance of pests.

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